Quick & Easy Ways To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan While You Are Stuck Abroad
Quick & Easy Ways To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan While You Are Stuck Abroad

Remember all those fights with your sibling while you lived in the same house? If you grew up with siblings, cursing and wishing you were the only child might have covered the major part of your childhood. As kids, tolerating all the nuisance and high-class drama of your siblings is just maddening. You can’t even count the endless number of times your brother has tortured your soul with his irritating habits or your sister shed crocodile tears to play the victim card. This goes on for days, months, and years, then life happens. Soon it’s time to realize that this daily entertainment is soon going to end because one of you (or both) is moving out for further evolution. Well, to be honest, it is a dreadful realization, and you can’t even do anything about it. I think you will agree that that very moment is the one when we all realise how much we love our sibling, right? But as we know that we cannot stop them from following their dreams, nor does life stop for anyone. 

But on the positive side, even drifting away cannot affect the love we have for them. With all the memories in heart, we learn to survive the distance. The sibling bond is really weird but surely a strong one. That is why Indians celebrate Raksha Bandhan; it is a festival dedicated to siblings. It requires brothers and sisters to unite in one place to complete the rituals. But, if your sibling couldn’t make it back to you this rakhi day, you are the one who is staying away, don’t be disheartened. Every year, hundreds of siblings celebrate Rakhi in a long-distance style. I have listed down some easy and quick ways to celebrate this day. 

  • Send rakhi

As you know that Rakhi, a sacred thread is the most important element of the Raksha Bandhan celebration. So, sisters make sure that their Rakhi reaches in time. So, the first thing you should do is send rakhi to your bro. Don’t worry, you don’t have to send a rakhi all the way from abroad. Indian websites like Winni, deliver your Rakhi all over India. Order while you are sitting in any part of the world and get it delivered. 

  • Pick surprise gifts

Second, send rakhi gifts to India to surprise your siblings and make their day extra special. We all love receiving gifts, right? It gives a good feeling even if it is just a simple one. So, select a gift that he or she would like. Winni has a wonderful range of rakhi gifts for your selection. If you are a sister, you can combine your gift with your Rakhi. If you are a brother, send rakhi gift to your sister to make her day memorable. 

  • Video call

Another thing that is really effective for long-distance celebrations is a video call. It can make you feel the presence of your loved ones even when miles away. So, while you are stuffing sweets in your mouth, call your sibling and exchange rakhi wishes. Thank me later for the joyous moments. 

  • Flyback home

Now, this one is the last option. I know you are stuck in a foreign land due to XYZ reasons. So, this one is optional. If you can, give your sibling a surprise visit. It’s going to surprise them to the core. 

Due to this pandemic, you might not have got a flight back home, don’t worry, your sibling will totally understand this. Just don’t let this virus ruin your celebration and celebrate in the most unique way.