‘My Dad, My Superhero’ - Importance Of Dad In One’s Life

Dad has a uniquely important impact on the life of his kids. Well, the world seems to place value on the role of father and it is evident because the day of 20th June is booked for father’s day. A day dedicated to daddies that goes fatherhood is important. 

Well, some see a father as just a second adult in the home, after mom of course and kids tend to have more impact on their mom than dad. But actually, dad can bring positive benefits to his kids, unlike any other person. They are like your first male role model before you grow up and start idolizing some movie actors because they had cool punch lines in a movie. Daddies have a parenting style that is totally different from mommies, and that difference is what makes them so important in life. Well, our dad surely deserves a father’s day gift because he is always present, supportive despite not getting enough credit that he deserves. This father’s day, let’s hear it out for amazing daddies as I list down the reasons why dads are important in one’s life. 

Strengthens the family

A father figure provides emotional, financial strength and security to a family. He is a pillar you can always rely on for strength when you are down. He is always there to support his family members in all ways. 

Teach you to chill

No offense mommies, but daddies have a more chill way of parenting (most of the time). Kids learn to chill out and learn to deal with any problem in a more relaxed way. 

Responsible for emotional development

You know dads who are involved in the family can be responsible for the emotional development in their kids. Fathers are the pillar of the family, so kids look up to them for mental and emotional support. He is the one who lay down the rules and enforces them. So, kids learn to abide by rules from him while they get a sense of security from their dad, in all terms. Thus, they always want to make their dad feel proud for raising his kids so well. Thus, dads instill a sense of wellbeing and aspects child’s cognitive. 

Boost self esteem

You know a dad’s presence and attention in a kids’ life play a big role in how a kid will turn out to think of themselves. He is responsible for psychological development from the movement a kid is born, thus spending time with him can boost your self esteem and sense of self worth. They can hugely encourage your inner growth and strength. Thus, the self esteem you are enjoying now, thank your dad with a lovely father’s day gift for being there for you with all his affection. 

Provide balance

I know single parenting is becoming more common these days and I don’t want to ignite any sort of debate, I agree that single parents are doing very well in their child’s development. But I also agree that having two parents as pillars can benefit the kid and his overall growth. Having two parents means having differences of opinions and personalities. Thus, a child learns to balance out between different personalities from his childhood which benefits him when he or she walks out in a world full of different types of people. Dealing with different opinions in-home gives a child more point of view to think about. 

These Are some reasons why dad is important in one’s life.