Mother’s Day is a day of celebration when everyone gathers to commemorate the presence of most special person of the family, a mother. The day actually gives you the wonderful chance to honor the spirit the motherhood and her thankless contribution to the society. Mother’s Day is the high time to appreciate the efforts of mother figures who dedicate their lives behind their family, kids and society. Some of them truly deserve the title of super moms who actually excelled as a great person in their own field. Here is a list of women who have achieved the sporting success in spite of being a mother. They proved that motherhood is their strength, not the weakness. These women personalities excels as a successful sports persons and put a perfect example towards the society that motherhood is not a hindrance in fulfilling the goals and dreams of life. Being a mother, they take care of their family & kids whereas being a sportsperson, they amaze the nation with their achievements. This Mother’s Day celebrate their presence with the special mother’s day gifts as they are the best gestures which can help you to salute their spirit to make the country proud. This Mother’s Day, know about the sports women who have made a mark in their own field, breaking every barrier that the society have put to stop them.

Have a look at the below-listed Super Moms in sports all over the world.

Mary Kom

Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte, a well known name in national and international boxing field. She is the one of India’s sports icons who has achieved success in her career by every passing year. She has set an example that “Boxing is not only for men” and turn as an inspiration for other women. She is the only woman to become six times World Amateur Boxing Champion and the only woman boxer who has won a medal in each of the seven world championships. After her marriage to  footballer Karung Onkholer and becoming a mother of her twins named Rechungvar and Khupneivar, her love for the boxing didn’t dropped down for a second. She sets the new records. She became the first Indian woman boxer to win a Gold Medal in the Asian Games 2014 at Incheon and 2018 Commonwealth Games. She is a mother of three sons Rechungvar and Khupneivar (twins) and Prince and still named in the most successful boxers list. A big salute to this woman who has raised to become successful flag bearers for women’s boxing and mothers in sport.

Sarita Devi

Another renowned name in boxing is Laishram Sarita Devi who belongs to the same state of Mary Kom, Mainpur. She is the most successful woman boxer in the country after Mary Kom. She rose from poverty and nailed a career in the boxing field. She is one of India’s sports icon who has consistently done her best and make the nation proud. Sarita is a former world champion and four time Asian champion boxer who has spent 15 years to make India rise in world rankings. But what truly made us feel proud is the willpower that had taken her to the international level after becoming a mother of two-year-old son. The sacrifices and strength is needed to made a comeback after becoming a mother, only an athlete herself can know. That’s undoubtedly true! Really, a mother can play many roles, from taking care of kids to playing a role of athlete in sports field, she can bear any kind of  struggles for the sake of everyone’s happiness.

Kim Clijsters

Kim Antonie Lode Clijsters is a Belgian former professional no.1 tennis player in both single and doubles and a mother of a son Jack leon Lynch and a daughter Jada Elly Lynch. Number of records and title named to her. She won 41 WTA (Women Tennis Association) single and 11 WTA double title. She won four Grand Slam singles titles. She was also runner-up in four Grand Slam singles tournaments. In doubles, she won the French Open and Wimbledon titles in 2003. Kim Clijsters was also one of the most watched women in tennis because she uses one of the most superb techniques that help her to win the great titles and setting new records. This Belgian tennis player is also one of the most influential women of her generation. After the birth of her daughter Jada Elly Lynch in 2008, she made a fantastic comeback in her tennis careers and gear up herself for upcoming challenges. Kim Clijsters won the US Open, 18 months after the birth of her daughter. She was also the first mother to win a Grand Slam title since Evonne Goolagong Cawley at Wimbledon- in 1980.

Paula Radcliffe

Paula Radcliffe is one of the most influential and inspirational sports women who is at the top of the game in her chosen field. Paula Radcliffe is a British long-distance runner who is three time winner of the London Marathon (2002, 2003, 2005), three times New York Marathon champion (2004, 2007, 2008) and winner of Chicago Marathon 2002. She even holds the world record of Women’s World Marathon Record in a time of 2:15:25 since 2003. Injuries became the hindrance in giving a path to her career and that’s the reason why she has to remain in the sidelines in 2006. In July month, Radcliffe announced the pregnancy of her first child and that is another reason for the delay in her comeback. She is an incredible athlete who later made her marathon comeback and won the New York Marathon in 2007 and defended that title in 2008 which was her third win. After 19 month layoff including the birth of her second child, she returned to action at the Bupa London. Being a mother of two children, this amazing sports women smashed her life goals and became the inspiration of many.

Dara Torres

If you are a swimmer, then you are very well aware of the name of Dara Torres. She is one of the extraordinary, outstanding and one of the most remarkable players of swimming. Dara Grace Torres, a former Olympic swimmer who won 12 Olympic medals and four gold medals. She is also a former world record-holder in three events. She is the first swimmer to represent US in Five Olympic games. After 16 months of the birth of her first child, at the age of 41, she created the history as she became the oldest swimmer to hold a place in the US Olympic team and won a silver medal in the 4*100 metre Freestyle Relay at the 2008 Summer Olympics. She had the longest successful career as an Olympic swimmer. Currently, she retired from her professional career of swimming and dedicate her whole life to her boyfriend David Hoffman and child Tessa Grace.

The names mentioned above are just a glimpse of the sportswomen for whom motherhood is not a barrier in their sporting success. There are many sportswomen who are living ingenious way of life with their kids as well as carving a niche in her own game.

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