Most *Awkward Moments* That We All Hate To Share With Our Parents
Most *Awkward Moments* That We All Hate To Share With Our Parents

Have you ever been stuck in an embarrassing situation with your parents? It happens a lot of times, Especially when you live in the same house. 

Well, our  parents claim to be our friends and no doubt time and again, they have proved it too. They believe in us, hear us out and give solutions to our problems, look after us and most importantly, stay by our side through ups and downs. They are the first people who have seen us naked, right? Still, there are so many unavoidable awkward situations that life decides to throw  at us when you can’t just look your parents in their eyes. We all have faced little awkward moments with our parents that made us feel like naked in front of them yet again.

We love our parents and you can send flowers to appreciate them for all they do, but today, we are going to focus on the little embarrassment that made us look for places to hide forever. You know what? These may be super-super awkward moments that you faced with your parents right now, but thinking on the brighter side, these will become really entertaining stories to tell in life. 

Abusive friends

Friends are the best until they lend material to leave you embarrassed in front of your parents. Actually I think that friends are born for this only. Sometimes it happens that you are not able to pick their call because you were in the washroom, but they call you on repeat. So, your mom thinks it’s an emergency, the poor lady picks up the call. The first thing she hears is the worst abusive word or a vulgar name they have given you. The game is over for the person who called but along with it, it is you who have to share the rest of the quota of embarrements. 

Finding lighter in your pocket

Only the smokers can relate with this one, others can skip to the next situation. Smoking and all is cool, till the time your parents find out the lighter in your pocket. May god bless your soul because you know what’s going to happen next!

Blushing while texting

So, youre a smooth talker and talking really nice to your crush? Everything is going well and you are having the best conversation with him or her. Then, for a second you look up to realise that your parents are staring at you because you were blushing. You know they know, so awkward! 

Accidentally send romantic texts

Like blushing on the phone screen was not enough that god created this awkward situation for us. Creating a long romantic text for your bae and expecting a romantic response in return can go really wrong if you send the text to your mom or dad.

Caught lovey-dovey talks

Being lost in our own world while talking to bae or even someone we like a lot, is a normal thing. But when you are sharing lovey dovey conversation and realise your parents were standing behind or accidently heard it . Now cook up the worst cover up story. 

Steamy movie scene

Watching movie on TV and suddenly comes up a hot steamy scene with a long kiss, one word *awkward*. Feels like the longest 1 minute of life, right? 

Coming back home drunk

Even if your parents are cool with drinking stuff, still coming hung on your friend’s shoulder because you passed out at a party, and your dad opening the door is still embarrassing. 

Can you relate to these awkward moments that happen with parents?