Mom Appreciation Post - Why Do Moms Deserve All The Love In The World?

‘Maa’ – this is not just a word, it’s a feeling. Feeling that comforts you in your lows, makes a house feel like “home”. She is the one who can climb a mountain for you, without expecting anything in return.  This creature is really special and should be protected at all costs. 

What is all the hype about mother’s day? Well, this post will tell you why mommies are special. This is my mother’s day gift for them, if you like you can also read why mommies deserve all the love in this world. 

She’s the best listener

Ever feel like having someone who would say nothing and quietly sit by your side to hear out all your problems. Well, you don’t need to go hunting to find such a person because she is right there in your home. Moms are the best listeners. She can hear you babble all day long and night. Not for the sake of being polite, but she is actually happy to hear all your stories, know about what’s happening in your life when you grow up. If you are discussing a problem she would even come up with the best possible solution. If she cannot help, at least she will always lend her ear so you can get everything out of your system, hence, moms should be appreciated for being the best listeners. 

And best cook too

Not only the best listener, but mommies are the best cooks too. She has a secret ingredient that makes her food finger licking good. I don’t know if you have experienced it or not but there is a particular favour called “ma ka swaad” in her food that makes you addicted and thats what we miss in other foods. So, no matter which part of the world you travel and try out the best recipes of different places, there is no comparison with ma ke haath ka khana. I mean the food you eat from the best restaurants are good and all but her fod is soul satisfying, right? She definitely deserves infinite love for the delectable food she has blessed us with. 

Put your needs first

Moms are selfless. She would always put your needs above her. She has a habit of keeping you at her first priority and rest can fit accordingly. For instance, we talk about food, before she would even serve herself she would be concerned if you have eaten or not. She would make sure that you don’t go to bed without eating, would stay hungry ( if the situation arises) but feed you extra. She will always try to make everything available for her kids and their needs saying bye-bye to her own needs. That’s a mommy for you and such a person deserves the best mother’s day gift. 

Teach most important lessons

The things that we learn at school at just 50 percent of actual lessons that are required in life. Sure you may be the best at your academics, but your ethics and morals are much more important and that class is handled by the best teacher – mommy. Mommies are responsible for teaching us important life lessons and she surely deserves to be thanked for carving us in what we are today. 

She loves you unconditionally

It is said that mom’s love is the purest kind of love that one can receive in life. Well, it’s true, you know why? Because She has always and will love you no matter what, even when you shouted at her for no reason, or smashed the door on her after an argument and lots of other things that would push anyone away. Nobody, I repeat nobody can love you the way your mom loves you. 

This is a mother appreciation post that shows appreciation and love to all the moms in the world.