Modern Chocolate Cake Designs for a Coco-Licious party

Modern chocolate cake design

If a cake is a bird, chocolates are feathers. The modern chocolate cake designs are ready to mesmerize your eyes and soothe your buds as well. Chocolates are believed to reduce stress and do the cake. So, what’s better than the combination of both? And when we say chocolate, it itself includes a range of flavors. For instance, chocolate truffle, dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, choco-strawberry, black forest, and many more. A rich, creamy, and overloaded chocolate cake is all you need to satisfy your craving. The best part is it goes through every occasion. Moreover, it suits everyone from a 1-year-old to a 90-year-old.

Chocolate Cake

Although the primary chocolate flavor will remain evergreen! If you look behind, the evolution of cakes has come a long way. From basic bread and icing to flavored bread and designer icing, or from regular cakes to designer cakes, the celebrations are getting way different. On that note, let’s check out some of the trendy and modern chocolate cake designs so you can have a choco-Licious party!

Pull-Me-Up Chocolate Cake Design

Imagine you drop a curtain and surprisingly everything chocolaty drops by! This is exactly what you will get with a pull-me-up chocolate cake. Not only trendy, but this modern cake design also adds more fun to your party. For those unaware, pull-me-cake is covered with a plastic sheet. Upon pulling the sheet, all the chocolate fillings fall down in slow motion making users dive right into it. Just like the melted lava from a volcano, this mesmerizing cake is both chic and scrumptious.

Pull-Me-Up Chocolate Cake

Modern Chocolate Swirl Cake

The second modern chocolate cake design is the swirl cake. This is pure dark cocoa cake adorned from the sides with creative swirls is the best choice for your trendy artistic soul. The shimmery look is certain to satisfy your eyes and buds at the same time. Evermore, the smooth and creamy taste is just an addition to its perfection and embellished details. 

Chocolate Swirl Cake

Rainbow Chocolate Cake Design

If you think that a full chocolate flavor is not something everyone will enjoy at your party. Go for a mix flavored cake, but of course, chocolate remains at the top! Moving on, the next modern cake design is the rainbow chocolate cake. As the name suggests, it consists of all the flavors, including blueberry, strawberry, mango, orange, vanilla, and red velvet. As a garnishing to these beautiful bread pieces, there’s a lot of chocolate on the top. 

Rainbow Chocolate Cake

Naked Modern Chocolate Cake

What’s better than chocolates is more chocolate. The other modern chocolate cake design is naked chocolate – a double layer of thick chocolate truffle bread with chocolate cream filling inside. Sounds delicious, right? Well, it is. Plus, it is so appealing that you might not even want to cut it. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself.

Naked Chocolate Cake

Flowery Chocolate Cake

You can’t deny that flowers make everything look pretty, even the cake. Although all cakes are already pretty. The flowery chocolate cake is the ultimate modern cake design that will stay on trend forever. With a base of your choice, you can have a chocolate flower frosting all over. As an alternative, you can have a cocoa-flavored cake with vanilla flowers on the top. If not vanilla, the options are not limited. You can go for strawberries, red velvet, and much more. Moreover, you can design it the way you want.

Flowery Chocolate Cake

Needless to say, the chocolate flavors do not end here. In fact, there are countless more! In case you don’t want to go for any existing designs, you can ask the bakeshops to bake a customized cake in the shape and size of your choice.