Lohri Celebrations & Gift Ideas

The Lohri festival, which Sikhs and Hindus across India essentially observe; marks the end of the winter season and ushers the return of the sun to the northern hemisphere. This festival, which takes place the night before Makar Sankranti, includes a Puja Parikrama around a bonfire with prasad. This celebration is marked by many pomp and show, especially in northern India. One of the first Hindu holidays of the year is known as the farmers’ festival, or the harvest festival; in which the farmers can express their gratitude to the Supreme Being.

Lohri is a festival that celebrates the beauty of rabi crops by combining traditional folk songs, dance, and food. This calendar is linked to the Bikrami calendar.

Significance of Lohri Festival

Lohri was initially observed the night before the Winter Solstice. It used to be associated with the coldest night of the year, followed by the longest night and shortest day. Because the night was freezing, people protected themselves by lighting a fire and keeping it burning all night, spending their time around it, praying to the sun and fire gods, and then making merry by eating the leftovers of the offering, dancing, singing, and then eating heavy and delicious food with their relatives. This event also commemorates the beginning of the harvest season for rabi crops or winter crops.

Lohri event commemorates the harvesting of sugar cane by the people of Punjab, India’s most fertile area. Sesame seeds, jaggery, radish, mustard, and spinach are also harvested, and these are the festival’s main attractions. People produce Brevard and gajak sweets, as well as staples like Sarso ka Saag with Makki ki roti. Radish is one of the feast’s main attractions, and it’s also included.

Lohri Gifts Ideas 2022

Lohri gifts should ideally be traditional and reflect the festival’s cheerful mood. 

Because Lohri presents foster long-term partnerships, they must be of exceptional quality and fashionable at the same time. 

Because Lohri is a memorable event for a couple who has recently married or started a family; so a present that can be kept for a more extended period will be preferred above others. 

To experience a sense of togetherness and give good wishes to loved ones far away, you can send Lohri gifts by post or online shopping sites.