List of Sibling-Inspired Dramas and Series for the Fanatics
List of Sibling-Inspired Dramas and Series for the Fanatics

One of the best things in this world is to have a sibling and this is what I have been realizing whenever I see movies. We all have seen plenty of dramas and series where siblings play a major role in running the entire series. All of us have a love-hate relationship with our elder or younger siblings and it is a fact that we love it or else we get bored. I must admit that being good to my sister bores me a lot and hence we keep nagging each other for no reason. So, that none of us starts missing each other and with this habit of fighting we get each other’s back for always.

Well, one cannot deny that there is something about the whole experience of this love-hate relationship in the house with this other person who acts like it’s amazing. Punching back at each other on the face while having dinners or working together to draft intricate plans including jumping off the roof. Siblings are constantly trying to pull each other down with high grades and good jobs. But in the end, we love each other a lot, we can punch on the other’s faces who say bad things to our brother/sister.   

Fortunately, there are more than a few films that address sibling love-hate relationships head-on and encourage the audiences to live through them to the fullest. Along with this list of movies, you can also send rakhi gifts online to surprise them to the maximum.


How can one forget Monica Geller and Ross Geller who were the siblings of THE 1990s? It would be surely hard for you like these two siblings from a very reputed series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Monica was a hyperactive and oh-so-wannabe sexy girl, whereas her brother Ross was obedient and the favorite child of the parents. There were fights between both of them to prove why only Ross is the favorite.

Karan Arjun

This movie has been a symbolic movie that showed the best sibling relations. It showed how siblings can die for each and theY somehow manage to save each other from danger. Everybody’s favorite Salman and SRk have done a very good job in the movie with their amazing acting skills. More emotions get added when one plays the song ‘ Ye Bandhan to Pyar ka Bandhan Hai’. You and your sibling should seriously watch this movie and keep a handkerchief near you in case the Ganges flows out from your eyes. 

Suite Life of Zack and Cody

This one was a sitcom of two troublesome twin brothers, Zack and Cody who live in a hotel. It is based on how these two brothers using their tricks and pranks are troubling the hotel staff. Ther life is fun with their single mom and also how beautifully they have learned not to trouble mommy.


You must be wondering where is such a fun relationship in this movie? Isn’t it? Then Loki and Thor are the best examples of it. Have a look at Thor with his beautiful hair and rugged look along with handsomeness oozing out. How foolishly irritating it would be that after eating all the food at home he still did not gain weight at the bad places and also along with this won love from father? Nobody would be shocked that his little sibling with a difficult circumstance of father grew up to be a cunning and deceitful one with an ambition of world domination. This sibling pair is a perfect example of a love and hate relationship.


Many of you must be thinking why did I add Shinchan into this list? But hell yeah, it was necessary for me to add this one into the favorite sibling movie list. Even after being the naughtiest of all, Shinchan still loves Himawari, his younger sister a lot. He knows how to treat her with love and is very protective of her. They fight, cry, shout but at the end laugh together. These little animated characters are enough for us to learn how important sibling relationships are for us.

These were some really nice movies which will surely leave you with loads of memories of both of you. If you are a bit emotional, then write a letter and make sure you send it when you send rakhi online to your sibling. They are going to feel very special and will love you for this surprise.