List Of Popular Peaceful Spots To Take Your Dad On Father’s Day

List Of Popular Peaceful Spots To Take Your Dad On Father’s Day

Remember how every summer vacation, we used to pack our bags to go on a fun vacay? Well, who is the man behind all those memorable vacation trips that provided you content for school stories? Its dad. Daddies are that silent support of the family who says little but has a big impact on each member. He does not even get pissed off easily, but when he does, you know that you messed up something really bad. Daddies are usually quieter species than moms, he may not get heart to heart with you often but his hand on the shoulder is enough to give you strength and courage in life.  

Having a dad is actually very big support, life seems easy under his roof. You may have not even realized it, but this person is someone who has given up his dreams to his family and will do the same if the need arises. This Father’s day, as I was looking for Father’s day gifts, I thought it would be a good idea to share something different with people who are celebrating this day. Sure it is an important day and you should definitely make it memorable for him. Why not take him to a peaceful place where he can relax. Just like he planned vacations for you when you were a kid, now that you are capable enough and drive, take him on a surprise trip. So, where to take him where he can find peace from all the chaos? Here is a list of peaceful places that you can consider.

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

When finding peace, Himachal is the place where most people land. Well, with less population, more mountains and sometimes lots of snow, all mix up to make the land so peaceful. Himachal Pradesh is a state with lots of places that attract tourists because of their beauty. This time, while you are travelling with your cool daddy, you can visit the place called ‘Kasol’. It has emerged out to be the coed favourite escape in Himachal. It is nestled in the lap of quaint Parvati valley, and the bank of river. The place is actually a hippie paradise and you can expect lush green forests with picturesque beauty, great food and good weather here. 

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Now let’s move towards the south side because here are some peaceful places there too. Who is aware of this place called Ooty. will be a really peaceful and serene getaway. Ooty is situated in Tamil Nadu and a place that should be on everyone’s wish list. The place is situated in Nilgiri hills that means blue mountains. The blue flowers that cover the land give it this name. It’s definitely a scenic view. Also, Ooty is famous for its botanical gardens, striking waterfalls,and lakes. They also serve homegrown beverages of coffee and tea that is a must try as you land there. The climate is an addition to everything. Ooty is sure to resuscitate your dad’s soul. 

Darjeeling, West Bengal

I have tried to clear a place from each side, so you can travel to whichever is closest to your home. Then comes Darjeeling in the east of India. Well, we all know that east India is full of peaceful sites and Darjeeling is one of them. Situated in West Bengal, this place is famous for its tea gardens with foggy day sitting, the place is very peaceful for anyone. 

A trip with his kids, its surely going to be a memorable father’s day for your dad. Take him to any place mentioned above.