List Of Funny Things That All Moms Do But Will Never Admit It

List Of Funny Things That All Moms Do But Will Never Admit It

Like giving birth was not the toughest task she had to do, now that she wishes to be the best mom. Mommies are funny, and so are their excuses to skip work, songs she makes up to make you happy, her hiding skills and so on. Okay, I not an easy job to be a mom, so just like we try to be better kids each day, she is too in a transition process all her life. This mother’s day, a cute mother’s day gift and her confession would be nice. Right? Well, here are some funny things that all moms do but never admit. 

Using you to avoid something

In the beginning of the list is something that all moms are guilty of and do it often, it’s using her kids as a tool to avoid something she herself didn’t want to do. All the moms reading this, I know you can literally recall the last time when you used your kid’s name to avoid attending that boring party, calling your kid sick and your kids staring at you all fine. This excuse always saves you from going out, or calling someone, not preparing food etc. well, moms always look after her kids, so,  once in a while, she is allowed to use their names for her advantage. 

Portray herself ‘the perfect kid’

‘When I was your age, I had the responsibility of a family and kids”. ‘I used to walk kilometres to reach school” all this sounds family to you? Maybe yes because mommy had this habit of portraying herself as perfect when she was a kid. She is always portraying herself as someone who had all the difficulties in life and still managed even when she was just eight. I mean, really? How is this story the same with all moms? This may be an attempt to make you obedient but only your grandma is aware of the reality. 

Use curse words

How many times has she eye rolled you or killed your soul with her cold looks when you accidentally used abusive language in front of her? I think every time, right? Well, to be honest, she does it too. Yes, when you are not around, she too uses curse words or in her head when you are there. But everyone gets pissed off and feels cursing at some point. Here, mommies, I slipped out your little secret. 

Get overdramatic

All mommies are queens of melodrama. She makes little issues appear so big like her life is about to end but when things are better, she will never admit that she made it overdramatic on her part. But she’s cute and definitely deserves a mother’s day gift. 

Gossip about “mohalle wali aunties”

No one is allowed to gossip around in the house and here are rules and regulations for the same. But a thing that she is guilty of is gossiping about the aunties in your neighbourhood. Things they say, clothes they wear, she just likes to gossip about literally everything and when you point out gossiping, obviously She will never ever admit it. 

Forgetting friend’s names

‘I saw that girl who came with you for lunch last week’, yes, that’s mom, she has served her lunch but still forgot her name. Mommies tend to forget our friend’s name no matter how many times we remind her, and in her defence she says, all your friends look the same. 

Judge your outfit

Ready to go out to a party? But first time for a style check. You will have to agree that moms do check you out from head to toe when you get ready to go out. But as usual, she will never admit it. 

These are some funny things all moms do but none of them admits it.