List of do’s and dont’s of karwa chauth celebrations 2020

List of do’s and dont’s of karwa chauth celebrations 2020

Married women dressed in lovely outfits with makeup on- point, fasting for the whole day with full dedication, can you guess this amazing festival of India? Yes, its karwa chauth. Karwa chauth holds a very important significance here in India especially in the life of couples. The basic concept of this festival goes like this – women fast for the whole day without even chuckling in a drop of water for their spouse. The fast is supposed to end only after the moon is out. It is an important day for women because it is believed that fasting on karwa chauth is directly linked to the husband’s long life. Maybe that is why it is important for husbands as well, after all someone else’s efforts will bless them with a longer life. They even show appreciation to their bae by giving them karwa chauth gifts. Women eagerly wait for this festival and show full dedication especially in the Hindu religion. 

There are many festivals when women fast but the karwa chauth is a grander affair than any other fast in India. There can be many reasons why karwa chauth is so significant, maybe because the belief behind it is strong. Also, the women get to doll up and look pretty and all just like a newly wedded woman. There is no limit to getting ready, putting makeup and stuff. Besides all this, you know there are some things that are supposed to be done on this particular day as a part of the tradition, and some things that are not to be done other than eating food). So, if it is your first time keeping karwa chauth fast, then here is a list of all the do’s and dont’s that you can keep in mind while celebrating this love festival. 


– The sargi, which is sent or given by the mother in law of the woman, is a tradition. It usually contains food that you eat toward the beginning of the day prior to dawn. Since you are just permitted to eat once, in order to maintain a strategic distance from lethargy, body pain, weakness it is essential to eat right. Try to remember nourishment rich of protein and complex carbs in the first part of the day time. These take somewhat longer to process and save you more energy, dealing with your cravings for food too.

– Another important tip to keep in mind is to drink as much water as possible, before the fasting starts. Scarcity of water can build the danger of creating headaches and dehydration, which can deplete and debilitate you. Organic products like juices are an alternative to consuming as a liquid. .


– Since the day involves you to keep fasting for a long span, ladies are commonly advised to not to indulge in chaotic activities because it will suck up all the energy at once and you cannot even refill it till the day ends. Attempt to keep yourself away or keep yourself occupied with light activities in the daytime.

– After completing the pooja and breaking the fast, don’t try and swallow down a heavy meal that you have been longing for all day in a one go, it can cause you indigestion and uneasiness. A decent tip is have a glass of water first and gradually eat your food slowly and chew it properly.

– Ladies who are fasting on this day are asked to not to use or even touch a pair of scissors or any other sharp object like knife, needle etc. working with a sharp object is completely prohibited. 


These are some things that you should keep in mind when you plan to fast on this big festival. .