List Of Delectable Indian Diwali Sweets To Try At Home This Year

List Of Delectable Indian Diwali Sweets To Try At Home This Year
List Of Delectable Indian Diwali Sweets To Try At Home This Year

The more sweets, the merrier – this is the rule Indians abide by with all our hearts. If you are Indian, you will agree that sweets hold a major part in our life. We dearly, truly and madly love eating sweets. Though we don’t need a reason to buy sweets, when we are up to celebrate something special, or a festival is approaching, then Indian desserts become much more important. There is a huge market of Indian sweets and trust me when I say that when it comes to Indian sweets, the list is really really long. Since India is a land where so many different traditions and cultures blend together, and everyone loves sweet treats, every place has its own special sweet made with a recipe suited to their taste and preference. So no matter which part you visit, you will find a different set of sweet treats that are made according to their customs and traditions, leading to a huge range of sweets coming from one country. 

Buying sweets at festivals is a trend, particularly on Diwali. Diwali sweets are a must. We Indians have never celebrated Diwali without sweets, nor do we plan to do so ever even when coronavirus is prowling on us.

This year, it has become a bit risky to buy Diwali sweets from the market as corona virus has reached its most horrible stage. Sure it will affect the sweet shops, but it is advisable to avoid buying stuff as much as possible. Does that mean no sweets for this Diwali? No, that is not even an option. If you want to still have the best sweets or if you have a traditional sweet, but still want to be safe, one and only way is to make sweets at home. So, here is a list of delectable yet easy Indian sweets that you can try at home. 


Gujiya is a traditional sweet in some cultures. It is, without any doubt, a pure treat to your taste buds. Made with ingredients like khoya and milk, gujiyas are simply irresistible, plus they are easy to make at home even though it involves both baking and frying. 

Instant no-cook burfi

Ah! The easiest sweet out of all. This burfi is made instantly with like two or three main ingredients. It is so simple that it does not even involve cooking. Unlike the traditional burfis, this is a coconut burfi that even a fifth-grader can master. Make the shapes according to your choice and let it set. 

Gulab jamun

Delectable, delicious, tasty, and everything nice for this sweet. Gulab jamuns are famous all around the country and are easily available in each part of India. But this time you have to prepare them at home. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a master chef to fry out some perfect gulab jamuns. 

Kaju katli

The most popular Diwali gift, Kaju katli, is a barfi made with cashew nuts. There is a chance that you might not be receiving one amidst pandemic. But don’t be disheartened, prepare some at some, and this way you can send it to your relatives as well. If you are someone who hasn’t already tasted this sweet, try it this Diwali.

As I already told you that the list of Indian desserts could never come to an end, I have just mentioned the ones that can be easily made at home. If you don’t have to stick to a traditional sweet, then I suggest you try sweets that belong to other places and cultures. It will be a twist and who knows you might actually like it.