Less Talked About Parenting Facts That Every Parent Can Relate To!

Yes, every person and to be specific every parent is different, right? However, there are a few parenting facts that every pair of parents could easily relate to. There are some experiences and feelings that all the parents can amazingly relate to. We all have witnessed our parents cribbing, snapping or even emotionally bursting at times in our lives and we just couldn’t relate to why they are behaving that way. However, these are some less talked about or rarely acknowledged facts about parenting that claims that parenting is not a cakewalk at all. Since parents’ day is the next event that is approaching fast, we should get these facts acknowledged and get our parents some amazing parent’s day gifts and make them feel loved and appreciated. So, let’s get started now!

Getting Second Thoughts:

You won’t deny the fact that you get second thoughts a number of times when that parenting is a mistake that you just cannot undo now, right? You also feel guilty about getting such thoughts and ponder if something is wrong with you to think this way but hey that is alright. Yes, its not just you but half of the parents feel the same way at times and it’s just because of the fact that parenting is a completely different experience that you were not prepared for. So, it is completely fine if you get such thoughts sometimes. 

The Unintentional Hurting & Guilt:

There comes many situations where you end up hurting your child unintentionally and then, comes the guilt that is absolutely unbearable, right? To quote you the most relatable example to this fact would be when you leave your baby on the couch for a minute to turn off the water tab or switch off the burner, and boom, you see your kid rolling onto the floor. That’s completely okay. Accidents happen and you don’t have to kill yourself for them. 

Parenting Is Way Harder Than You Expected:

Many parents get their bubble popped after becoming parents that parenting is not as easy as they thought it would be and it is nothing like “Dekh Lenge, Kar Lenge, Hojayega.” First, it’s your infant, then your ever-falling toddler to your dating and driving teenager. Parenting is a perennial tough task that you didn’t expect this way. So, get your parents some awesome parents day gifts online. 

You Become a Baby Interpreter:

It is righteously said that you become a bay interpreter. Be it your own baby or someone else’s, once you have done your share of parenting, you automatically tend to be a baby interpreter. It is not only their babbling that you understand easily but it’s also their body language that tells you whether the baby is hungry, or wants to poop. 

Your OTT accounts Have Different Watch List:

Once you become a  parent, your OTT platforms accounts will suggest cartoons and videos related to kids and infants, right? Yes, that’s what a baby can do to your life. Also, you will not even realise all these happening but believe me, they are inevitable. 

You No Longer See Someone’s Excreta As Gross:

Remember those times when just the thought of your crush having his/her natural phenomenon of excreting was so gross? Now, you are wiping off your infant’s ass thrice a day. Yes, that’s what happens once you become a parent. You don’t see your kid’s poop as poop anymore. 

Getting To Shower Everyday Will Feel Like A Blessing:

So, before parenting you never thought that getting to bathe every day would feel like a prestige to you at one time in life, right? Just after you became a parent, if you are able to bathe every day, you do feel grateful for the same, right?

So, there are these parenting facts that you never thought could be feeling. There are many more things that unfold about parenthood that can’t be explained in simple words, right? However, everything about parents is so enjoyable and unique that you would not miss it for anything.