Kiss Day is another day of love in Valentine week, but there is a small twist. Instead of other romantic gestures, the day demands only a kiss. Yes, you heard right! When words are not enough to express your feelings, then a gentle kiss does wonders for you. A kiss is the messenger of love and tenderness. The touch of lips binds the hearts & soul of two lovers and consider as the wonderful gesture that speaks your love louder more than any gift offered by gift portals like Winni and make your bond stronger in a lovely manner. Kiss day is one of the most romantic days of the entire Valentine week that is celebrated every February 13. The day take your relationship to a new level by adding more love. But when you are the first timer or haven’t kissed before then, it can be nerve-wracking for you. Not only for the first timers, but it’s also not always easy for the one who has experienced it before as it seems. Isn’t it? Hey don’t worry! You only need to know some major points that you should do when kissing your bae. Make your kissing moment a beautiful and romantic one, but how can you make it perfect? Confused? Don’t be! You can make your kissing experience as good as you can by keeping in mind the below-listed points as it will help you to do a perfect kiss. Go through this blog and enjoy Kiss Day with a perfect lip-lock.

Start Slowly

No matter, if you are kissing for the first time or have experienced it before, you don’t need to hurry. Start slowly! Kissing is a romantic moment, so don’t spoil it with a rush in touching the lips. It will undoubtedly seem weird for your bae how fast you move. With your slow move, you can enjoy the spark you feel while kissing your bae.

Get Comfortable

No matter where your kiss is going to happen, the thing which is important is to be comfortable. An awkward angle of your body will not lead to a good kiss and always remind you how your body hurts or how awkward you feel. So, try to position yourself in a comforting way so that you don’t feel weird while kissing your bae.

Read their Body Language

It’s really important to know if your partner is ready for a passionate kiss. Try to judge their interest level and how they are feeling in the situation. Read their body language to know how they are feeling or what they like or dislike when kissing. If they are not coming close to you or avoiding your eyes, so try to know what he wants and put it into action so that they can enjoy everything at your kissing time.

Use Eye Contact

For a perfect kiss, setting a romantic mood is necessary. Eye contact is another mode of flirtation and a powerful key to kissing your lover passionately. What you need to do is hold contact with an eye and a gentle touch with the hands. This will really help you to get the mood of “I want to kiss you.”

Do What They Like

Everyone is different in the things they like. While kissing your lover, you should keep in mind the likes or dislikes of your partner. In this way, you can make your partner feel loved. Doing what they don’t like, can make you fall in the situation of awkwardness which will make your kissing experience, a drastic one. If you tell your love what you really like, then they will be willing to do anything to please you. It will be sure to make your kissing moment, the most romantic one.

Pull Him or Her Closer

If you truly want to make your kiss, a passionate and romantic one, then pull your lover a little close to you as this is a direct sign that you are enjoying being close to them. Make your bae feel more loved by putting an arm around their waist and pulling them in close to you. In this way, you can both focus each other and enjoy a playful, tender kiss.

If you really want your kissing sesh to go well, then try one or all of these above-listed tips on Kiss Day. Hey, don’t forget to buy an exciting Kiss Day gift for your lover as it is also another way of expressing your feelings of love. So what are you waiting for? Go forth and kiss your partner with confidence. We are sure that your partner will be going to love you lot. Have a great day with your bae on Kiss Day!

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