If You Are A True Chocolate Lover, This Article Is For You!!

A True Chocolate Lover
A True Chocolate Lover

“Don’t think that chocolate is a substitute for love! Love is a substitute for chocolate.”

Being a big-time chocolate lover, I can righteously place chocolate over love in my life. Moreover, the trait that I have which tells the world that I have a severe sweet tooth is that wherever I go or wherever I am present, you will definitely going to find scattered chocolate wrappers around. Chocolate gives us every reason to celebrate life and relations in the best possible way. Every year, my New Year resolutions oscillate around chocolates. Last year I made a resolution of buying only worthy chocolates and not every other chocolate that I see, but honestly, these resolutions are meant to be broken. I spend half of my salary trying these delicacies every month.

Two years ago, I took the resolution of keeping a check on my chocolate consumption since I wanted to reduce my weight. Trust me, the following year, I had ingested the maximum amount of chocolate I could ever have eaten. So, it is no crime in calling chocolates a blessing and a curse at the same time. A chocolate lover would move the mountains and swim the ocean to find his favorite chocolate. You simply cannot escape from chocolate cravings. I often drool over a cake and chocolate simultaneously, so my instincts ask me to order a cake online immediately. Believe me, my instincts have led me to explore some mind-shattering chocolate cakes that literally made me float on clouds. 

Here are a few points that I have jammed together that tell you can easily relate to because you have been doing or believing that all your life: 

Have You Been In a Chocolate Debate?

Have you ever been into a fierce debate with someone on chocolates? Yes, I just won one. Anyways, I knew this was a silly question. Most of the chocolate lovers have lost the count on the number of times they have gotten into a heated argument defending their love for chocolates. So, being a chocolate lover, I couldn’t agree more with this fact. 

There Is A Room Full Of Chocolates!

I have always believed since my childhood that there is this gigantic room of chocolates filled with such variety of chocolates that we couldn’t even imagine in our wildest dream. Guess what? I still continue to believe it. My ultimate dream is to find that room one day. So, I to the people whom I might be sounding a dogmatic person, the army of chocolate lovers are standing beside me. We all have had this dream since our childhood, right? 

Shh!! Don’t tell them About The Hidden Stash of Chocolates

There is no denial about the fact that I have been keeping my chocolates in the haven, and never told the world about it. Although I love my parents the most, there is this secret that even they don’t know. We always have this constant fear of someone stealing our chocolates. The access to this safe haven is open for us only. I am so sure about this fact that I can even bet, my dearest chocolate on this. 

We Don’t Get People Who Don’t Get Chocolates

I suspected this fact and wasn’t sure that it is just me or the other chocolate maniacs behave this way. However, it was a big sign of relief when I validated the fact to be true. Over time, I have come to this conclusion that it is almost impossible for me to stand a person’s personal traits who doesn’t like chocolates and vice-versa. 

One True Love = ‘Chocolates’

Above all, chocolates are our soulmates and our love for chocolates over-shadows everything. The way chocolate loves, understands, and calms us, nobody stands near. So, my advice to all the people in a relationship, kissing chocolate is much better than kissing your partner. Yeah, thank me later. 

Chocolate lovers are so proud about their this craving or addiction (we may say so), and we flaunt it anytime and anywhere we get a chance to. So, summing up with a hope of researching more facts like these, keeping our mutual love and respect for chocolates into consideration.