How To Keep Yourself Distracted When Life Is Falling Apart?
How To Keep Yourself Distracted When Life Is Falling Apart?

Going through a rough patch and nothing feels quite okay lately? I don’t know if it means anything to you or not, but you are not alone. People who are reading this are here to find an escape from anything that is bothering them. 

So, your life is falling apart. You are buried under the workload, haven’t had a good sleep since long, your love life sucks, your partner has changed and you are on the verge of a breakup. Well, people do change and someone who loved you deeply may have moved on. No matter how badly it hurts, accept it. Waking up each day hoping that everything will be okay again is the only hope that helps you through the day. You cannot always plan everything in advance. I mean you can, but cannot expect everything to go in the same planned way because it’s life! That’s not how it works.

Consider it as a ride, it has ups and downs, fast and slow. So, right now you are on the down part where nervous breakdowns are common. When crying alone in the bathroom, just focus on the ways to keep yourself distracted. Right now, you just need to keep yourself distracted while taking care of yourself. There is nothing wrong in pampering yourself with mocktails sometimes when life is giving you lemons. It is fine to order flowers online for yourself because it can really make you feel better. 

Here are some ways to distract yourself when your everything is falling apart. 

Listen to music

Thank god someone came up with the concept of music else more people have landed into depression. Music is really very comforting and half the problem wither away if you have a good playlist. Well, music can take you in a different world where there are no problems. It is a perfect escape from the crazy sad life.  Even though temporary, it still works. 

Call over reliable friends

I don’t think there is any phase in life when you don’t need friends. When you are happy, you need friends to celebrate it, when you are sad, you need a shoulder to cry on. If you feel like staying alone, dont! I mean it is okay to be alone for a while but call your friends if you want to distract yourself. Keep yourself surrounded with a reliable lot of friends. 

Watch movies/series

Hey, its just a phase and it will pass on just like the happy ones. If you are low today, does not mean you will be forever. So, right now, you just need to provide yourself little distractions like watching your favourite movies. Just like music, moves too take you to another world of imagination and distract you from thinking about the problems again and again.  

Focus on your physical health

When life is falling apart and you know there is nothing you can do about it, like your favourite person is changing, you can enquire them once or twice and then you have to make peace with it. So, when all this happens, stop over thinking and focus on your physical health. When you workout, it puts you in a better mood. 

Self counselling

It is very important to talk to yourself sometimes because you know only you can give yourself the best advice. There are hundreds of  problems that follow us no matter where we go, and we all have our share of lows at times. So, give yourself a little prep talk. 

Take a trip

You may even take a trip if that distracts you from the problems and have fun.

These are some ways how you can distract yourself when everything is falling apart.