How Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated at Border?


Rakhi is an occasion that is celebrated in every corner of the country with full joy and happiness. Do you know that soldiers protect us by being on the border also celebrate this occasion? Yes, like all of us, they also celebrate this occasion by having Rakhi on their arm and gifting their sisters some amazing Rakhi gifts.

Soldiers who are at the border and protecting us from all of the hurdles and terrorists and other attacks also have families, friends, sisters, brothers, and loved ones. They also are human beings. They also love celebrating festivals; they also feel the same as we feel on a special occasion or a specific occasion. The occasion of Rakhi celebrated at the border is quite different from the way we celebrate Rakhi. If you are willing to know how they celebrate, then you are suggested to stay connected with us. So let’s get started.

Sisters Send Rakhi to Them

Soldiers at the borders receive Rakhi from their sisters either through posts or orders. Since they protect us from several problems, so, it becomes important for them to stay at the border. That is why they can’t meet their family and their sisters on this occasion and celebrate rakhi. That is why usually sisters send rakhi to them through delivery or posts.

Earlier it happened that women only had one method to send rakhi to their brothers that is the postal order delivery option. But now, Technology has become so advanced and also the online portals are. Now a sister can easily choose rakhi for her brother, and it can get delivered to him shortly through online modes. Several rakhi online shopping websites are having an amazing collection of Rakhi from which sisters can choose for their brothers.

Sisters Receive Gifts

Like sisters, brothers also celebrate Rakhi by sending them special rakhi gifts. There are several methods through which they send them Raksha Bandhan gifts. Either they use to send money orders or some gifts through post. Another way that they use to send Rakhi gifts to their sisters is online booking. They place their order by using the online portal for their sisters so that they can feel special and close to them.

Not only sisters but now the soldier brothers can take advantage of this online Rakhi Gift sending facility. Yes, at the online shopping websites, there are many amazing Rakhi gifts for sisters that can easily get delivered. Brothers who are doing their duty at the border and saving the nation can easily make their family feel special by sending online Rakhi gifts. The best part about this facility is its on-time delivery. Now, no sister needs to wait for their brother’s gift, and every brother at the border gets his rakhi on time.

Schoolgirls from Nearby Villages Tie Rakhi on Soldiers’ Arms

Since the soldiers are not able to meet their family on such occasions hence the people from the nearby place do it for them. This makes them feel special by celebrating the occasions with them. Girls from schools and nearby villages tie Rakhi on their arms and celebrate this day. Through this, soldiers promise their sisters to protect them the whole life.

Village Women Also Tie Rakhi to their Brave Soldiers

Not only the small school girls come to celebrate Rakhi with the soldiers but also the women from nearby places comes to celebrate this day with their brothers. It is not important to have a blood relation to celebrating this day. Women ties Rakhi on their brothers arm and in return, the soldiers promise them about their goodwill, safety.

The term Raksha Bandhan means a bond of protection. On this day, sisters tie a sacred thread called Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers and in return, the brothers promise their sisters for their whole life. Indian soldiers are the unsung heroes that are selflessly devoted to the protection of the entire nation. Since there is no blood relation of a soldier with every Indian but still, for him, the whole country is his family. All the boys and girls, men and women are his brothers and sisters. So we should also share this occasion with them. People having blood relations don’t need to be the brother’s sisters, and also it is not necessary that siblings can only celebrate this day. You can also share this occasion of Bond with your brother from another mother by sending them Rakhi or tying Rakhi on their wrists.


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