Essential Elements To An Event Decoration!!!!
Essential Elements To An Event Decoration!!!!

Decorations are the soul to any function, be it traditional wedding festivities, birthday parties, official get togethers etc. The question that arises here is why the heck it matters so much though? As it is rightly said by Albert Hadley; “ Decorating is not about making stage sets, it is not about making pretty pictures for the magazines, it is about creating a quality of life, a beauty that nourishes the soul.”

Decoration of any event is one of the main contributing factors towards the success of a party. Gone are the days when decoration was just an accessory of the event. These days, an apt decoration that suits the occasion, something that goes with the theme is a must have necessity in all sorts of parties. The most important elements of an exquisite décor are appropriate lighting, decorative props, photo booth corners, flower embellishments etc. 

While decorating the venue for any event, various factors are supposed to be kept in mind, for example the kind of audience that will be involved in the function, the space that needs to be decorated, the theme of the event, etc. The decoration should be comfortable and easy going apart from being extremely beautiful. The decoration should never be overdone and should enhance the beauty of the venue. 

Let’s find out the essentials for a good party decoration.  


Flowers contribute to the most effortless decorations and enhance any event with just their mere presence. From the bride carrying an extravagant bouquet to the floral railings, flowers tend to enhance anything that they are associated with. Various flowers used for the decoration purpose are roses, lilies, marigolds, orchids, cestrum etc. Make sure to order flowers online in case, there is an impromptu party coming up or a small get together. Apart from being extremely attractive on the exterior flowers are extremely aromatic and add charm and freshness to the venue by their heavenly fragrance. You can also send flowers directly to the venue the event is supposed to take place to avoid hassle free delivery while you engage in other activities.


Second comes the apt lighting of the venue. Lighting can set the mood of the party attendees and an appropriate lighting system can add that oomph to the get together. Haven’t you guys noticed the huge chandeliers? Chandeliers are classic timeless pieces that add a royal touch to your party. These days where everything is evolving, the lighting set up of the party venue is not much behind. Pendant lighting is the new thing these days when it comes to unique lighting for the event. 

Depending on the size of the venue, various pendant sizes and designs are available to choose from. A series of color coordinated pendants can be adequately used to light up the room or the hall. Semi-flushed and flushed ceilings lights can work almost everywhere but should be used with extreme care. How can we forget the exclusive wall lightings that are used to highlight the various art pieces in the room the event is supposed to take place in. They are usually used as an adjunct to the primary lights of the room for extra brightness. 

Meal table: 

Meal table is usually the center of attraction in any event, for it holds the most important content of any function that is the food. A well-decorated table can make a great impact on the cuisine experience. A table can be well decorated with the help of trendy and fashionable cutlery and can also be decorated with the help of exotic candles and chair linen. One should make sure to decorate the meal table in such way that it matches the venue décor and complements the lighting of the set-up. Exotic and colorful flowers can be used as a decorative aid for the meal table. You can order flowers online for adding up to the charm of the table and delighting the guests with the heavenly floral décor.

Seating arrangements: 

Have you ever thought that even a chair can be decorated appropriately to match the theme of the party? Chairs are the primary must haves in any party, but to arrange them in a boring and conventional way is not a necessity. Community seating is the new trend that is widely followed, and the conventional theatre seating is almost extinct these days. A variety of seating arrangement can be done including bar stools, bean bags, sofas, couches etc. and can be decorated accordingly.

Backdrop decoratives: 

The backdrop decoration is a need of the hour and bring some sort of trendiness to your party. Depending on the amount of budget you are left with after getting on the necessary party elements, you can plan for an impressive out of the world stage backdrop. You can choose from a digital LED screen or can also use Marquee letters to stun the attendees. 

Let us know if you are interested to know more about various theme decorations that can be implemented to make your party a legit HIT!