Egg-citing games you can play on Easter

Easter Games

Easter is indeed a happy holy time for everyone who follows Christianity. Attending mass gatherings, doing church services, and getting ready for family dinner, there’s every fun thing you can do on Easter Sunday. Likewise, the day also indicates the approaching of warm weather. In that case, celebrating Easter with some egg-citing outdoor games is like a feather on the cap. The holy day is a long one and games are what make the festival eggs-traordinary. 

These Easter games are fun for every age group and every size of celebration. You can play these games as a competition to double up the delight. What’s a game without a little friendly contest, right?

Easter Games

Golden Dollar Egg

The golden dollar egg Easter game is somewhat like the regular egg hunt, but more fun. In this game, you will hide as many eggs as you can get. In the bunch, there will be a golden egg with a little surprise in it, a dollar! To make this more entertaining, let the egg color be similar to the regular ones. Also, you can hide a little ‘boo’ note inside other eggs or a riddle that will guide you to the location of the golden egg. 

Needless to say, the winner will be the team that manages to find the golden dollar egg first. Just sure to hide the egg in an unimaginable place.

Easter Games

Hit the Can

Well, you are already familiar with this game. You have to make a can pyramid and knock them down. To make this an Easter game, there’s a twist. You can make kids paint the cans in any theme. This will make it more competitive and fun for them. Also, it will keep that busy from making any chaos. When done, knock the cans down with eggs instead of balls.

Obviously, the team whose all/ most members hit all cans in one go wins!

Easter Games

Scavenger Hunt

What is Easter without a scavenger hunt? You have to agree that the day is a waste if you did not hunt all around and get a surprise present at the end. Well, you already know how to play this game. Just scatter a bunch of clues around your home, garden, city, school, college, or whatever. Remember, the bigger the area, more the fun. Now ask the teams to put their detective hats on and look around to solve a mystery. Remember to surprise them at the end.

As always, the team to solves the puzzle or reaches the treasure first is the winner.

Easter Games

Egg Hunt Relay

This game is similar to the typical Easter egg hunt but there’s a fun twist. The organizer will hide enough eggs for each member to set the Easter game. You need to have a couple of teams or more. Each team member will stand in a line. On a count of three, the first member in line will run to find the egg. After a successful hunt, he will return back to the team and the next person will do the same. The process will continue until the last teammate completes his job. 

The winner can be the team who finds the most eggs in time duration (1 min, 3 min, etc) or the team who hunts for all eggs first.

Easter Games

Balance the Egg

As the name suggests, the game includes balancing most eggs. In a twist, a person has to stand like a scarecrow, keeping both arms horizontal with palms facing down. Upon saying go, another team member will rush to try and balance the eggs on the scarecrow, the more the better. The person can adjust the eggs between fingers, hold them in his mouth, squeeze between knees, balance on the head, etc. However, he can not put the eggs inside the pocket and clothing. 

As usual, the team that manages to balance the most eggs is the winner.

Easter Games

Sack Bunny Race

This Easter game is easy and fun. It might take you back to your old days and bring back the memories. Stand beside each other in a sack and hop like a bunny to reach the finish line. To give it a mix, hold an egg in your mouth, sounds fun, doesn’t t it?

Like every other race, the winner is the one who reaches the finish line first.

Easter Games