Delicious Indian Desserts To Enjoy During Christmas Season

Delicious Indian Desserts To Enjoy During Christmas Season

There is no shortage of dessert delights! When it comes to Christmas desserts, the more the merrier! Whether it’s peppermint candies, hot cocoa, or an extravagant gingerbread house, our motto is the more the merrier! That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of festive Christmas dessert recipes to enjoy throughout the Christmas season. 

Even if you prepare the same family dessert year after year; why not try something new? You’ll find classic Christmas cookies, homemade sweets, plum cake, pie recipes, and more in this collection. We also have unique takes on holiday classics, such as eggnog in the form of a bundt cake. Even inexperienced bakers may execute simple holiday treats. Take a look at the make-ahead small turtle cheesecakes or the cake mix chocolate cookies. (your kids will get a kick out of the Christmas sprinkles). There are a few show-stopping Christmas cakes, such as the gorgeous yule log cake, that will be the highlight of any holiday dessert table if you want to try something different. 

And, while you can serve any of these sweets after your Christmas meal, you don’t have to wait until the 25th December 2021 to enjoy them. Make one of these festive treats for a winter party or even a night of watching Christmas movies–it is, after all, the holiday season.

Here are our favourite Christmas desserts you can make: 

Gujiya with Coconut Filling

Gujiyas (also known as karanji or nuereos) are a popular festival sweet in India. They vary only slightly from region to region. The filling is created with sweetened khoya (milk thickened almost to a solid state) and nuts in some states, such as Uttar Pradesh, and shredded coconut, nuts, and jaggery in others, such as Goa. The coconut filling is used in this variation.

The South Indian Pantry

Southern India is a huge peninsular part of the Indian subcontinent. The Bay of Bengal runs along its eastern coast, the Laccadive Sea runs along its extreme southern tip, and the Arabian Sea runs along its western shore. All are part of the greater Indian Ocean, which encompasses Africa, Australia, and Asia. The Malabar Coast is a popular nickname for the coastline.

Mounds Cake With Coconut Filling

This Mounds cake, inspired by the candy bar, blends chocolate and coconut into a decadent layer cake. Because the recipe uses a chocolate cake mix, you can concentrate on making the coconut filling and thin chocolate icing. The Christmas delight can be split into four layers for a more dramatic appearance, or three 8-inch cake pans can be used to form a three-layer cake.


In the north of India, this delicious festive delicacy is known as shakkarpara or shakkarpare, whereas in the west, it is known as shankarpali. However, it’s not just the names that differ; the cooking processes also differ slightly. However, well-made shakkarpara is crisp and crunchy, but not hard or too sugary, regardless of how it is baked.