4 Delicious Cakes To Surprise Your Lovely Parents

Delicious Cakes To Surprise Your Lovely Parents
Delicious Cakes To Surprise Your Lovely Parents

US President Bill Clinton established a day especially for parents “Parents Day” in 1994. This Global Parents Day is being celebrated to cherish all the parents and their selfless love towards their children. Parents always ready to make any sacrifices for their children’s happiness. This day is celebrating for the honor of parents. Nowadays, this day is not observed in the USA only but also many other countries. Apart from your daily busy routine, this is the right way to make your parents feel unusual and beloved by celebrating this day with your whole family. Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, and we often forget that they are also growing up. Winni provides delicious cakes to surprise your lovely parents.

In India, Parents are the visible God for their children. Respecting their parents and elders is the first thing being taught to every child. This day is celebrated every year. And it is the best opportunity for the children to show their gratitude and love for their parents. As a child, you can surprise your parents with beautiful and lovely gifts like cake, flower bouquet, greeting cards, personalized mug, chocolates, photo frames, and many more. Here Winni is offering you a wide range of delicious cakes as a gift for your parents. Order cake online in Kolkata from Winni right now and experience the excellent delivery service. Winni is providing you multiple delivery modes like same day delivery, early morning delivery, midnight delivery, and express delivery.

Following are the top 4 cakes you can order from Winni for surprising your parents on their special day:

Heart Shape Cake

A perfect heart shape cake is playing a vital role in a situation where you want to express your love. Yummy taste and love is an excellent combination to gift your parents on their auspicious day. If you are not able to be there with your parents, then also you can send your love to them. You can order any heart-shaped cake from a wide range of Winni’s cake and send it to their doorstep. Receiving a delicious cake from their children as a surprise will make the parents feel beloved and proud. You can get heart shape cake in various flavors like heart-shaped red velvet cake, heart-shaped black forest cake, heart-shaped strawberry cake, and many more.

Heart Shaped Cake

Chocolate Cake

If your parents do love to eat chocolate, especially chocolate cake, so this is the best option to surprise them with yummy choco cake on their day. Chocolate has the natural magical power to put grace on every occasion. Winni is offering you chocolate cake in various shapes and sizes. You can also get this cake in 2- tier or 3- tier. The safe and secure delivery provided by Winni will send your cake at your doorstep in the best quality cardboard box. The sweetness of this chocolate cake will spread more sweetness in the lives of your parents.

Chocolate Cake

Photo Cake

If you are in hunt of cake for your parents, then a photo cake is one of the best options offered by Winni. You can order this cake in any flavor and any shape. It carries the photo on the top of it. For a gift to the parents, you can place the photograph of your parents on the cake. This cake will give an adorable look at the cake. Your parents will love this photo cake. You can also put a cute family picture only to show the lovely relation between you and your parents. Winni is offering you proper customization of your photo cake.

Photo Cake

Fruit Cake

Most parents do like to eat fruits and even force their children to eat healthy fruits. So, here Winni is providing you a wide range of fruit cakes in various flavors and shapes. The main thing is that these cakes have mixed fruit topping on them. It will be a unique gift for the healthy and wealthy life of our parents. Because of the awareness regarding healthy food, these cakes are the most demanding cakes nowadays. Winni is the best platform which will ease you with cake delivery in Kolkata for your parents as a surprise.


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