Celebrating Friendship Day 2022 With Style

Friendship Day is right around the corner and there are so many ways to celebrate this special day. But you say that only some of your friends live nearby and the rest of them are far away.

That’s true for a lot of us. Your BFF could be living in another state or probably in a different country. It becomes even more difficult if he or she is on a different continent. This International Friendship Day there will be a lot of sob stories on social media for sure. You very well know that despite many relaxations in covid guidelines, several countries haven’t opened their borders to international tourists. This has made it even more challenging for people who want to travel to meet their best friends across the seven seas. But true friendship transcends beyond borders. You can still celebrate this wonderful day in style though.

Invite The Whole Gang And Have A Blast

Whether you are located in the same city or in different countries, you can always have a blast with your old gang. All you need is one friendship day cakea lot of presents, and a generous data plan to keep Skype running. The surprise element here is that nobody is going to write their name on the gift that they have curated for their one close friend. The recipient has to guess the name of the giver and whoever fails gets a punishment. This could be turned into a complete blast if only you put a little bit of creativity into it. You can plan the same party game with your friends overseas. All you have to do is choose a suitable time slot for everyone to Skype. You are on my friend!

Want To Send A Friendship Day Cake To Anyone?

This is also one of the most practical ways to celebrate friendship day. It is especially suitable for friends who live far apart. You can either send them a friendship day cake or deliver it to them all by yourself. It is a great excuse to spend the day together and renew your friendship easily. The flavors that are the most popular these days are butterscotch, peanut butter and chocolate, cake and cookies, blueberry, black currant, and death by chocolate. Girl gangs out there especially prefer strawberry and raspberry.

Fun Friendship Trivia

Do you know that International Friendship Day was originally proposed to be celebrated on July 30th every year? This date was proposed in the year 1958. The international civil organization by the name of World Friendship Crusade started a campaign to foster friendship among several countries. The United Nations General Assembly adopted the International Day of Friendship in the year 2011 formally. Ever since then, the importance of this day has grown tremendously.

Say It With Gestures – Send A Friendship Day Gift

Let’s say that your best friend is working on Sundays as well. Just like every month he doesn’t even have the time to breathe. Are you going to let this International friendship day go waste? Absolutely not! You can say you love them and appreciate their presence in your life by sending a friendship day gift to them. You can also include a personalized message along with that gift. Trust me, these gifts never get old but only when you know what they are looking for. It could be a tie pin, an insulated gym bottle, a personalized coffee mug, an expensive pen, or a handcrafted photo frame, and the options are practically limitless.

Colorful And Fresh – Some Friends Deserve Flowers Online

A great way to make this day special for all your friends is to order flowers for everyone. You can get them delivered to your place while you are partying hard with your friends. Yes, some friends deserve flowers online and you can get a personalized bouquet for each one of them just to express your love, gratitude, affection, and appreciation toward them. The flowers that are most popular these days are yellow roses, tulips, white lilies, carnations, and marigolds.

Say It With Words, Say It With A Card

Personalized friendship day cards are also a lot of fun. They can get the message across without you having to do anything at all. You can obviously scribble down your favorite quotes and messages on those cards for your friends. Again, you can couple them with their favorite friendship day gifts that you know they are going to love. These can be personalized crystal gifts, coffee mugs, friendship bands, dark chocolate, cakes, puddings, muffins, carry bags, musical instruments, pillows, and cushions, and so much more!

So There You Have It!

Some of the simplest and most stylish ways to celebrate International Friendship Day. What are you waiting for? Order the most amazing presents, cards, cakes, and gifts for them today and make them feel special all over again.