Comes every year on 13th of January, Lohri is one such winter harvest festival which is commemorated with great zeal and laughter. This festival has rejoiced as a thanksgiving commemoration for good harvest, perhaps Lohri has other importance also. During this time, Earth moves towards the sun, therefore creating the holy period known as Uttarayan. The festival of Lohri marks the end of winter and the coming of spring.  The bonfire is also lit to ward off the cold winds and welcome the warmth of spring and welcome it in a beautiful way of light and brightness. On Lohri night, People gather all around the bonfire and put popcorn, til, rewari and moongfali into it as to seek the well-being. The Lohri celebration is a strike by dancing and singing the traditional Lohri folk songs and honoring the fire. But nowadays we all celebrate it full on with new era new music and new style and of course new ideas of gifts as well. Every face sparkle with happiness. Like other Indian festivals, this festival is also well known for jollity and gift exchange.

Celebrating Lohri not only bring people together but also put light on the history that people of that place have resided. This is the view one can easily notice in January every year when North Indian, especially people from Punjab commend the festival of Lohri. Exchanging gifts with near and dear one is one of the vital rituals which is divinely followed during this time. Delight your near and dear ones by presenting best Lohri gifts in order to communicate their best wishes and blessings. When it comes to picking the perfect Lohri gift, it is a daunting task as you have to pass through a lot of thought processing but now you don’t have to stress too much when it comes to choosing the perfect Lohri gift for your dear ones. Here are some of the most fantastic Lohri gifts ideas by Winni that you can choose from. All these gifts are sure to please your receiver.

Dry Fruits

This Lohri festival, fill the life of your loved ones with happiness and health! Share the happiness of this divine festival by presenting dry fruits to your dear ones. Yes, you can heighten the joy of Lohri festival by delighting your loved one with a gorgeous hamper of dry fruits. Dry fruits are the nutritional treat that will tempt the taste buds of your dear ones and offer that health and well-being. So, you can without any doubt, order and send dry fruits to your family, friends, relatives or special ones on the occasion of Lohri.


Tempt the taste buds of your dear ones this harvest season by gifting them, delicious sweets. Winni presents a colossal range of sweets that are sure to make your loved one’s mouth watery. So, you can send sweets from Winni and get it delivered to your dear ones place without any hassle. Sending sweets online is the sweetest way to greet Happy Lohri to your dear ones. So, get set go and buy sweets now to fill the Lohri night full of sweetness and happiness.

Bamboo Plant

Lohri festival represents good fortune and what could be a perfect gift that describes good fortune than the bamboo plant? Bring happiness, good-fortune, care, prosperity and good financial position in your beloved’s life this Lohri festival by gifting them a bamboo plant.  A bamboo plant brightens up the surrounding with its fresh essence and gorgeous appearance. It can be the perfect gift idea for Lohri occasion. Therefore, let the happiness and prosperity bloom in your beloved’s life by sending bamboo plant online from Winni.

A pack of Rewri, Popcorn, Moongfali and Gachak

The essence of Lohri festival is demonstrated when people put rewri, popcorn, moongfali, ghee and til in the bonfire. So, this Lohri festival shouts out loud happy Lohri by gifting a pack of rewri, popcorn, moongfali as well as gachak. Convey your warm regard, blessings and well-being to your special ones by gifting them this amazing pack. You can never go wrong with this fantastic pack especially on the occasion of Lohri.

Crunchy and Crispy Treat

Celebrate the occasion of the bonfire with something crispy and crunchy. Satiate the taste buds of your beloved on Lohri occasion by gifting them a crispy and crunchy treat and namkeen is the perfect treat that you can gift to your dear ones. The salty, crunchy and crispy taste of namkeen makes the perfect treat for your dear ones on Lohri occasion. You can send namkeem along with some other gifts like a bamboo plant, sweets etc from Winni.

So, above-mentioned gifts are best for Lohri occasion. Keep the elegance of this festival alive with our amazing Lohri gift ideas. Order Lohri gifts online from Winni and get them delivered to your dear one’s doorstep without any hassle.

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