Beautiful Indian In House Wedding Decoration Ideas
Beautiful Indian In House Wedding Decoration Ideas

I know weddings are supposed to be a big affair especially here in India. But when Corona decides to make a comeback, a big fat wedding is not a very smart idea. Most of you must have booked and all but now you may have to cut off a large number of people off your list, shift wedding venues due to curfews and other restrictions. Well, when the priority is the safety of you and your loved ones, celebrations can be cut short, right? When looking for new venues, how about your own place Рyour home sweet home. People who like the idea 

Bright Marigold backdrop

Let’s start with the easiest decor that you can do irrespective of the place of the wedding. Marigolds are a perfect wedding decor material, in fact, wedding decoration is one of the main uses of this flower. There are so many ceremonies related to weddings in India and bright bold decorations with marigolds add a statement to all the ceremonies. There are so many ways to use these flowers, you can use the chains of these flowers like hangings, curtains, or in a single form. Due to its bright yellow and orange color, it is a very charming flower to be used as wedding decoration as it lights up the entire place making it wedding-ready. Also, it is easy to decorate the place with flowers and flowers are available easily too, you can order flowers online in bulk.¬†

Mason jar tabletop

Since it is a small affair that you are planning, you have to use every element of the house for decoration in order to make your place wedding ready. With lesser space you can do more like paying attention to your furniture as well. The tables that you are going to place should be the part of the decor because prime are going to use it and it is a part of your venue(home). For that you can prepare masons jar decoration. This is a trendy idea that you can spot in the wedding venues as well. All you have to do is get clear mason jars and fill them with fairy lights with cut flowers. Place one at each table with glowing lights. 

The colorful umbrella

Who must have thought umbrellas can be used in decor, but all thanks to the colourful umbrellas. Pretty umbrellas with all the colors in the world and mirror work are a pure work of art that can beautify your place giving it a full desi vibe.

Rainbow drapes

Colourful drapes are not an option but a necessity to make it an alluring and gorgeous affair. Drapes at the back of the swing, or cover the walls. 

Posey walls

Make sure your guests know that your decorations are on point and nothing is missing just because it is at home. So, set up posing walls. It’s nothing much, just a wall that is decorated with perfect elements that give a beautiful backdrop for pictures. 

Swing it up

Swinging seats for the main people ie the bride and the groom, how’s that idea? Well, obviously there will be particular seats for the groom and the bride, so instead of getting the ordinary chair, you can replace it with a swing. Swings are a trendy option to replace chairs. When the wedding is at your home, changing the ordinary can help you make this wedding a fancy affair. So, tie a swing in your porch or wherever you are planning to organise the staging area. Decorate the swing with light, flowers and whatever you want. 

These are some beautiful wedding decor ideas or your in-home wedding.