Beautiful Flowers and Their Added Value to Weddings!!!
Beautiful Flowers and Their Added Value to Weddings!!!

The decoration ideas for weddings in India have surpassed the typical standards of the inclusion of conventional marigold flowers. The Indian wedding décor has evolved multiple folds over the years. It is more about the class and oomph these days. With constant cut-throat competition in the market, wedding decorators must curate new and unique trends. This is to survive the brimming demands of wedding shenanigans.

One cannot deny the importance of the flowers for decorating the wedding avenues. An Indian wedding sans flowers is an unimaginable affair. Flowers add charm and attraction to the wedding and hold a promising place in Indian weddings. From the Pheras to Jaimala to Bidaai, wedding functions are incomplete without flowers.

Flowers are one of the key components in planning even the tiniest of events surrounding the actual D-day. They add that color, texture, and freshness to the wedding. From being in the bride’s bouquet to flower petals being used at the ceremony. The gorgeous flowers and the various arrangements can be customized to enhance any given decoration. Order flowers online to make your wedding decorations mesmerizing. You can also send flowers online, there are wide varieties of beautiful flowers waiting for a click away.

Read on to find out more about the way’s flowers contribute to making your weddings complete:

Flower Girl/Boy: 

The flower girl or boy is the first to walk down the aisle. It usually happens to be the youngest member of the family. The flower girl/ boy adorns the most beautiful flower. They end up scattering them while they walk the aisle. One should ensure that the flowers adorned by the flower girl/boy are in accordance with flowers that the bridesmaid carries. 


The Jaimala or garland is an integral part of Indian weddings. These are exchanged by the bride-groom. Various varieties of flowers are being used for the garlands like rose, lilies, marigold, etc. The latest to join the bandwagon are the orchids. Orchid garlands are the exclusive ones. They highlight the most important functions of the entire wedding.

Bridal bouquets: 

Bridal bouquets off lately have become the absolute must-haves in any wedding these days. You can surprise the bride by sending flowers online to be used for her bouquet. Roses are never out of fashion. Many brides today are opting for unconventional and exotic flowers like Cayman, orchids, lilies, etc. Bridal bouquets may also be designed by the seasons in which the weddings are supposed to occur. For example, a winter wedding may include more prevalent flowers during the fall season. While, a spring wedding may include colors such as pastels and hot pink. The colors of the bridal bouquet should be chosen in a way that complements the bride’s attire. Also, special care should be taken while preparing the bouquet. The stems are appropriately covered as they are highly potent for staining the garment if held in proximityey

Bridesmaids bouquet: 

Bridesmaids are the life of any wedding and happen to carry a bouquet of their own along with the color-coordinated outfits. Special care is taken when it comes to bouquets. So, that the bridesmaid bouquets are a bit smaller than the bridal bouquet and sometimes are just the smaller versions of the bridal bouquet. Bridesmaid bouquets may have a lot of variation. The brides choose to wear white or red. The bridesmaid has an option of wide varieties to choose their bouquets accordingly. You can order flowers online to create similar bunches of flower bouquets for all the stunning bridesmaids.

Flowers for the hair: 

Wearing flowers as a hair accessory is as old as the beginning of mankind. Adorning flowers on the head is considered highly auspicious. The bride should make sure of selecting the best of flowers for her hairdo. It should complement her facial features, her dress, and her aura.

Mandap Decor: 

Indian weddings are incomplete without a mandap set-up. Flowers light up any ceremonial area, and mandap proves no exception to it. The bright-colored flowers like marigold, roses, etc., are widely used along with other decorations to brighten up the mandap.

Do let us know if you want us to tell you about the various types of flower décor ideas that can be executed and make you the best decorator of your family!!