A Guide To the Elements That Make Raksha Bandhan A Lasting Affair


Raksha Bandhan is an eventful festival celebrating the special siblinghood bond of brothers and sisters. The chief ceremony of this beautiful festival is sister tie a sacred thread known as Rakhi around their brother’s wrists. And the beauty of the festival lies in the idea that sisters pray for the success and prosperity of their brothers, while brothers take a vow to protect their sisters. Every home in India witness this ceremony observed by sisters and brothers.

Every festival observed in India is a sum-up of special elements. In Diwali, it is the oil lamps, crackers, sweets, new attires, etc. whereas Holi is a festival composed of colors. So, what are the elements that make Raksha Bandhan memorable? Like all Indian festivities, Raksha Bandhan is also a momentous day comprising so many beautiful ingredients we are discussing below.

Elements That Make Raksha Bandhan Memorable


Rakhi — a holy band. It is the foremost component around which this sacred day called Raksha Bandhan is centralized. Rakhi is a holy thread of love and care that binds two siblings together and connects their hearts and souls for eternity. The rituals of this auspicious occasion are complete when a sister ties Rakhi on the wrist of her brother’s wrist. Rakhis have modernized very much with the time. From the simple red thread that was used in ancient times to Pearl Rakhis, Kundan Rakhis, Bracelet Rakhis, Silver rakhis, etc. used in the present time.

Presence of Siblings

The feeling of having your sibling beside you on Raksha Bandhan is amazing. If you are among the blessed ones to have your sibling with you on Rakhi, turn it the best and a lasting affair for them. But there are times also when things are not the same due to either profession, studies, or distance that the siblings have to remain apart on occasion meant for them. At such a moment, don’t let the distance and the inevitable ruin the day. Instead, send rakhi online to make the best of this day.

Beautiful Attires

Festivals are a piece of life for Indians. And, Raksha Bandhan is another festival that gives a chance to both brother and sister and entire family members to get in their best traditional avatars. As the festival is celebrated with family around, so mostly light traditional Indian outfits are picked as a choice. Brothers mostly love to wear kurta pajamas and sister flaunt their lehenga, salwar suits or sarees.

The Importance of Auspicious Timings (Muhurat)

In India, we observe Raksha Bandhan, like other rituals and religious ceremonies based on Panchang. It is essential to follow the right timings to avoid any bad effect. The most important thing to keep in mind while considering a muhurat for Raksha Bandhan is to avoid the evil time of Bhadra.

Rakhi Tying Ceremony

The most important ritual of rakhi tying commences when the sister puts a tilak (of kumkum) on the forehead of the brother. Then, aarti is performed by sister to ward off all evil eyes and dangers from her brother’s life. After that, the most significant part is done where a sister ties a Rakhi on the wrist of her brother, and the brother, in turn, makes a promise of protecting her from all obstacles and evils.

Rakhi Gifts

The exchange of gifts is the most exciting and much-awaited phase of this festival. After all, it is after months of planning and hunt, which concludes with Raksha bandhan making siblings rich with beautiful gifts. Gifts are chiefly in the form of clothes, jewelry, gift cards, cash, chocolates, personalized gifts, etc.

Festivals are the real beauty of Indian culture where Raksha Bandhan is a reaffirmation of faith in the simple act of tying a thread that continues to remain as strong as the mental bond!


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