9 Things to do With Your Siblings During Home-Quarantine

9 Things to do With Your Siblings During Home-Quarantine
9 Things to do With Your Siblings During Home-Quarantine

Home-quarantine is getting us crazy. The lockdown in nation-wide is a major measure taken by our government to curb the spread of this dreaded Coronavirus. Hence, obeying the regulated rules is what is expected out of every citizen right now. So, everybody caged in home is thinking of what should be done to pass the time. If you too are looking for some of the activities then just look at that living creature sharing the room with you. Yes, I am talking about your sibling. No, I have not gone crazy. The only one who could be the best partner during this boring time is your sibling. You might have been wanting to kill that creature since the time you gained your consciousness. However, your sibling is the only one who might help you to carry out all the crazy stuff at home. Yes, all I am asking you to do is to join hands with your sibling. Remember all the times you have spent with your sibling during your childhood? Those were one of the best days of our life, right? Buckle up to revive all those days once again with your sibling since lockdown has provided you the chance to do so. Let’s check a few activities that you can do with your sibling. 

  • Treasure Hunt:

Gather your sibling’s favourite things and hide them all over your house. Make chits with some hints written over it and give the clues to your sibling. What fun it would be watching your sibling finding for his things all over your house.

  • T-Shirt Walk:

What fun is it to get trapped in a big sized t-shirt with your sibling? Try this in a room with less sharp objects or you could also try this in the backyard of your house. You will be ending bursting in laughter when falling with your sibling.

  • Pillow Sumo:

Remember the times you used to pillow fight with your sibling? How often it happened that the pillow fight turned into nothing less than a crime scene. So, try not to kill each other while pillow fighting this time you play the game with your sibling. 

  • Apple Roll:

Here is when it gets interesting. Take an apple and roll it down your body without dropping it off on the floor. Challenge your sibling with this game and see how interesting the game gets between you two. 

  • Freeze Game:

Well, this game here will boost the mood of every family member. From dancing to the tunes to freezing in weird positions, this game turns out to be a joy to behold. Play your favourite song and ask your mother to pause the song randomly. You and your sibling have to freeze in whichever posture you were.

  • Catchy Catch:

This game requires a beachy ball or a balloon would also do the rules of this game are pretty simple. You and your siblings cannot touch the ball with your hands. Use your nose,elbow, or chest and keep the ball in the air.

  • Balloon Poop:

Get ready for a thunderous game. This game is all about popping the balloons tied on the right leg of the players. Now, you have to pop the balloon before your sibling pops yours.

  • Touch My Pom-Pom:

It is one of the best games to play with your siblings. Tie a pom-pom of each other’s back and try to catch the pom-pom. 

  • Dum Charades:

We all have grown up playing this game with our siblings right? Ask your parents to get into the game to make it more fun. Now, assign movies to your sibling that he or she would have to make everyone understand by mimicking it. 

So, make home-quarantine more fun and happening with your sibling. Also,if your sibling is living in another city, then send rakhi gift to them to tell them that you miss them already.