8 Occasions When Flower Proved To Be The Best Ever Present
8 Occasions When Flower Proved To Be The Best Ever Present

Flowers can be sometimes used as emergency gifts or gifts for someone when you can’t think of anything else. And the best part is you can also send flowers online. Even online flower delivery is a good option. But the occasions should be appropriate for gifting flowers. Some of the flowers are considered lucky for some events, so if you believe in those things, you can give yourself some credit that you put some thought in giving someone a gift and didn’t just hand over anything rubbish. 

Some of the occasions where you can take a bouquet are:


At weddings, many people buy costly and grand gifts. But you don’t have to buy expensive gifts because everyone else is doing so, you can give them something beautiful which they will even like, and it will also be in your budget. Peonies are a perfect option for a bouquet for a wedding. Peonies have many small fluffy petals, and it has a structure like a little pom, the bloom symbolizes a happy marriage.

Housewarming party

When someone conducts a housewarming party, people generally give them gifts that will be useful in their house, like a microwave, wall clock, bedsheets, induction stoves, etc. Sometimes two people bring the same facility because there are limited options for what you can give to them. You don’t want that to happen because those things are costly, and maybe the place you have bought it from has a no return policy, so you will be stuck with a loss. However, if you bring a bouquet to the party and if someone else also brings a bouquet, then there are fewer chances that the flowers or the arrangement will be the same. Daffodils and daisies are the flowers that are lucky for starting new phases in life.    

Retirement party

Retirement parties are to celebrate someone’s lifetime’s work. The retiring person deserves something glowing and blossoming like his or her face on the day of retirement. Giving them flowers and writing a small flower card with the message that “may your future blossom like these flowers” will not fail to bring a beautiful smile to their face.

Wedding anniversary

To celebrate the love of someone, may it be after one year or 50 years, is the most beautiful thing. This celebration means so much more than a wedding because this indicates real’ happily ever after.’ Giving flowers with unique fragrances is preferable on such an occasion. Those flowers are rose, jasmine, lily, lavender, and more. Give them a gift that smells like love.


Birthdays are the days of happiness and cheerfulness. The venue where the birthday party is kept should have the vibe of joy too. Flowers are a bunch of bundles of joy. Sunflowers, orchids, and hydrangeas are perfect for cheering someone’s day up.

Promotional parties 

Promotional parties can bring excitement, nervousness, and many other mixed feelings for the person who is being promoted. Your gift of a beautiful bouquet will get a little wave of encouragement to him or her. Daisies, calla lilies, and daffodils are very lucky for new beginnings.

Farewell party

Bidding someone farewell from school or place where they used to live or any type of farewell is a very emotional moment for the person who is leaving and those close to him or her. If you one of them, you should give that person something that they can remember you by throughout the journey. Give them flowers that bloom, just like the memories you have made with them.

Baby shower

Just like flowers pamper the cells that are about to become seeds, a mother spoils her unborn child in her womb. Many flowers symbolize different pregnancy phases, like chrysanthemum, for the stage when they discover that they are about to become a mum for the first time. Baby’s breath flowers, just like the feel of baby’s first heavenly breath, this flower is soft and fuzzy. Pink roses for the gratitude and administration a mother feels when she discovers that she is pregnant—pink tulips for a mother’s imagination and dreaminess.

No matter what type of happy occasion is there, flowers are always there to seal the day. Whenever the receiver sees the bouquet, it will remind them of you. If you can not give flowers yourself, you can also send roses or jasmine online. So just order flowers in Lucknow to make any occasion special.