As we know, Diwali is approaching, and everyone is excited about gorging on sweets and receiving gifts, as this is what Diwali is about. With Diwali comes the sweetness of relationships that will be increasing with each surprise that you are planning for your loved ones. When it comes to building relationships, then it is also very important to build a healthy relationship with your employees. Diwali gifts play a very important role in the promotion of your business. It also helps to bond well with your employees.

Choosing the best Diwali gifts for employees is a tough task. One has to be very selective of what will look both elegant and also fit in your budget. Below we have discussed some eco-friendly yet cool gifts for your employees to gift on Diwali. It will be different, and you can also make some contribution to the environment.

Succulent Plants

Marcus Tullius once said that “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” By saying this, he meant that books are for your mind, and plants are for your soul. Hence, gifting a plant can be the best idea if you want something reasonable and meaningful. You can always use Succulent as Diwali Decoration plant as it brightens up your home. Also, succulents can purify the air by their property of removing volatile organic compounds from the air. Unlike, other plants succulents do not release carbon dioxide at night, whereas they produce oxygen.

Organic-Cotton Bedding

Organic cotton is a standard type of cotton that is grown without using any chemicals and also assures that workers are treated fairly. It is found in different home decor items such as bed linens, sofa covers, cushion covers, throw blankets, and many more things. Also, if you are planning to gift eco-friendly, then choose a product that is dyed with vegetable-based dyes.

Wooden Planters

Gifting a geometric wooden planter will give a modern touch to your interiors. They are made up of wood and have a 3D print on them. The main benefit of these planters is that one can directly put the pot in it. It has a superb design and smells like raw wood. The material that is used in the making is either recycled wood or bioplastic made from corn. These planters give a perfect look to the house and especially when paired with cactus or succulents.

Bluetooth Speakers

One can surely gift these eco-friendly Bluetooth speakers that have created a rage in the market these days. This speaker is made up of materials like recyclable aluminum, FSC certified wood, and bamboo that are sourced organically. These speakers offer excellent sound quality and also have powerful bass. Gift this to your employees and delight them with something new.

Wooden Greeting Cards

Get your hands on these appealing greeting cards that are made up of wood. You can get this card made as per your wish by getting your company’s name and a best wishes message engraved on it. So, celebrate this Diwali with this extremely wonderful long-lasting gift. This gift will last forever and delight your employees with the efforts that you have made for them.

Monetary Incentive

We all know that Diwali comes with huge celebrations and involves a lot of preparations. Hence, gifting your employees with a cash bonus which will surely delight them. Festivals are an important part of everyone’s life. So, make it special by surprising with a cash cheque on this Diwali.

Eco-friendly Diwali Party

Celebration of Diwali is the time when you can gather all your employees with their families. If you want to contribute to the environment and also wish to surprise them with an eco-friendly Diwali party. In such parties, you need to focus on using eco-friendly decoration and avoid disposables. You can also make a separate trash basket for the recyclable things. Organize some fun games with readily available material. Making such a few efforts can help you in throwing a fun and eco-friendly party.

 If you are in Delhi, then these gift options are the best for you as the pollution level here is very high during Diwali. So, make efforts from your side to protect the environment by surprising your employees with these Diwali gifts in Delhi. Being from a corporate company, one can get lots of offers and discounts on the bulk order. So, do research on the market and choose the best.