7 Frugal Anniversary Celebration Ideas Your Spouse Will Love

7 Frugal Anniversary Celebration Ideas Your Spouse Will Love
7 Frugal Anniversary Celebration Ideas Your Spouse Will Love

Anniversaries come and go so fast that it’s difficult to make the current anniversary more relevant than the last one often. You could even look back at some anniversaries and forget what you were doing to celebrate. For the occasion to be unforgettable, your arrangements and online gifts for the anniversary don’t need to be extravagant. When one marks special events, there are ways to be thoughtful and self-sufficient. We share seven fun and inexpensive anniversary ideas here that you can use to celebrate an anniversary or some other special occasion. So let’s start now!

Celebrate With Fitness

Holding a wellness celebration is one of our preferred low-cost anniversary events. Plan hiking, biking, running, walking, swimming, or all the above for a day or weekend! Pick new paths and parks and spend all your time enjoying nature and keeping fit. Take along a picnic lunch backpack and you’ve got it covered! 

Write Your Feelings On Paper

Choose to make you and your partner toast with words for an additional bonus anniversary event that will last forever. Write love letters to each other. You can also compose anniversary vows like wedding vows, share lovely memories from over the years, or share what you have discovered about him/ her and what your future hopes and dreams are. There is nothing that is more unforgettable than sharing your heart with him or her when it comes to a gift for your loved one.

Go On A New Adventure

Is there something you guys have really thought about doing someday? Consider your anniversary the day that you actually do it. Now put all the arrangements in order so that with a new experience you can surprise your partner. It doesn’t have to be something huge or extremely expensive; in order to spice up your routine and get you to schedule more adventures, it just needs to be something different. 

Do Absolutely Nothing Together

This idea may seem stupid, but couples often need an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and spend a little time together. Turn your computers and phones off and just spend the entire morning and afternoon playing, watching movies, baking, etc. Keep it light;  the more fun and laughter, the better! 

Give Back To A Cause That Matters To Both Of You

Anniversaries are not just about bonding with each other, but also about connecting with the things that both of you care about. If you are passionate about a cause or charity, take the time out and give back on that day. Perhaps you both have your own charity or volunteer project, take the time to do both and find out more about what inspires your spouse. 

Invest Some Money

This may look boring, but you may consider taking the cash you would usually have spent on an anniversary party and deciding to put it together for a major investment goal you have. Put it in an investment portfolio and it is surely one of the best anniversary presents you can give each other making your future more financially secure.

Prepare A Special Dinner At Home 

Try out a new, fun recipe that may be a bit more complicated than you’d try on a regular night. Have fun together preparing a tasty meal and working in harmony to figure out how to create something different. Light a few lamps, put on some music that both of you enjoy, and just have a lovely evening together at home! 

Try investing more time than money, whether money gets tight or you’re just trying to save a little on this year’s celebration. After all, it’s not the money we’re investing,  but the memories we make along the way that really counts!