7 Exotic Flowers That Will Astound Your Loved Ones

7 Exotic Flowers That Will Astound Your Loved Ones
7 Exotic Flowers That Will Astound Your Loved Ones

Nothing in this world is as beautiful as flowers except the love you show to someone when you give someone those flowers. Every flower is beautiful in its own way, like every person. All people like different types of flowers and when you give them those flowers you remind them that you love them. 

Flowers add beauty to everything, may it be Valentine’s Day flowers, marriage flowers, or someone putting them on a grave to celebrate their life. Some flower fragrances are also added to essential oils because it soothes you. 

There are many different types of flowers globally, and your loved one deserves a bouquet of lovely and unique flowers; when you will buy exotic flowers for them, it will show them how much thought you put into it, and the smile on their face will be worth the effort. Giving a bouquet will keep your relationship blooming like flowers.

Here are some of the exotic flowers to put in bouquets:


Tulips are the national flowers of the Netherlands. They are the main attraction of the Netherlands. Tulips are mainly available in red, pink, yellow, or white colors, But they have a wide range of colors; they can literally be of any color in the rainbow. Some of them are also dual-colored; a mixture of red and white petaled tulips are wonderful. 


It is not a flower, but it is an arrangement of small flowers on a long stem. Different types of hyacinths have different smells. They have a pleasant but powerful smell because it is a spring flower. The hyacinth color is mainly blue and different shades of pink and purple too; some are also white. You can make a beautiful bouquet mixing pink, white, and blue hyacinths and put some long leaves in between.


Dahlias are very versatile flowers. They are available in a large range of colors, sizes, and shapes. They look like small pom on a long green stick. They have small, cute rolled petals that make the flower look voluminous. It has a large number of petals. Most of them don’t have any fragrance. However, the leaves and stems of dahlias possess a nice fragrance.


You will fall in love when you see peonies. They are small round flowers with lots of petals on them. The traditional peonies are of white, pink, and red color. They can have a wide range of colors if they are hybrid but be careful while choosing hybrid peonies; some of them have a very unpleasant smell.


Of course, how can we forget our precious little lilies. Their smell is intoxicating. Their petals are long and softly pointed at the end. It has six petals arranged in two whorls, one up and one down. But they don’t need more petals to look gorgeous. They are available in orange, pink, red, white and yellow colors. Everyone loves white lilies as they are the symbol of purity and innocence.


These are nowadays commonly used for bouquet formation because they look different due to two colored petals. They can have white core and purple on the edge or cyan color as core and indigo, which brings out the contrast in these flowers. These are also available in single white color petals, which you can pair up with other color orchids.


Roses are a symbol of love and friendship. People consider giving red roses as a romantic gesture and yellow ones as a gesture of undying friendship. A bride throws white roses on her big day. They have a heady fragrance that can calm your mind. Some of the roses are very rare, like black roses that only grow in turkey or blue color roses that can be only produced by genetic modification of the flower. Rose bouquet can be given on all kinds of occasions, may it be a wedding, birthday, valentine’s, housewarming party and even to mourn someone’s death.

The color and flower combination can be

1. Red, pink and white roses arranged in concentric circles, starting the core from white, then pink, and then red. It will give a contrast, beautiful look at the bouquet.

2. A combination of crimson red Afghan roses and white orchids also makes a beautiful combination and can give the bouquet a mixture of both the flowers’ fragrance.

3. A combination of different colored tulips and white colored lilies also make for a spectacular bouquet.

4. You can also make a bouquet of lavender and throw in some white tulips. Lilac and white will do wonders.

If you live in big cities, then you can search online like flower delivery in Delhi near me or any other city that you live in. But if you live in a place with no bouquet or flower shop nearby, you can also send roses online or any other flowers you want; they ask you the flowers you want to put in the bouquet, and you can have a customized bouquet.

Remember, every flower symbolizes something different, and a flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it; it just blooms. If every flower wanted to be rose, then spring would lose its loveliness. Give your loved ones the flowers that go with their personality.