6 Popular Garden Superstitions That You Should Be Aware Of
6 Popular Garden Superstitions That You Should Be Aware Of

We all have shared some really funny and unbelievable superstitions regarding various aspects of our life but have you ever heard of superstitions regarding your favorite garden ever? No, right? Of course, you could have heard of some of these superstitions, however, the superstitions we are going to mention here might blow off your mind. Well, you must be thinking why is it necessary to know these superstitions? It is because when we order flowers online for someone special or when we plan to plant these blooms in our garden, we must know about these basic superstitions which might help you to have a flourished garden. These garden superstitions have been doing rounds since time immemorial. You may or may not believe in these superstitions, you will definitely have a good laugh while reading them. Also, if you are a big-time flower and plant lover, then you will be excited to read these superstitions. 

So, by the end of this blog, you would be knowing some superstitions regarding the plants and flowers you might be having in your garden. Let’s get started with these superstitions now. 

Lady’s mantle:

The leaves of the lady’s mantle come in a cup-shape in which they contain the dewdrops (you might have noticed this if you have it in your garden). In ancient Europe, it was believed the dewdrops contained in the cup-shaped leaves of the lady mantle, had some magical properties. The dew drops were collected from the leaves and were added in a potion which converted the common metal into gold. The process was known as “alchemy.” Isn’t this interesting?

Telling the bees:

This superstition roots in ancient England and some parts of Western Europe. Don’t be puzzled upon hearing the name of this superstition. The name describes the superstition as it is. It was practiced by the beekeepers. They used to talk to their bees and inform them about their daily domestic chores and important events like births, marriages, and much more. It was also believed that if someone from the family passed away, then, the bees had to be included in the mourning, otherwise, the bees too would die.


This plant was regarded as the major source of witches’ power. Yes, you heard me, right. As per the superstition, the witches prepared-made balms using animal fat and foxglove. The balm was then used by the witches on themselves and upon their broomsticks so that they could fly. Another superstition about this plant is that it was very dear to the fairy realm. It was believed that fairies used to play in the leaves of these foxglove plants. So, people were prohibited from bringing these plants home because if they did, it would annoy the fairies and they might avenge for doing so. Send flowers online while keeping these facts in your mind.

Fairy rings

Well, if you have mushroom plants in your garden, you might not want to step on them. As it was considered bad luck to do so. The inner circle of the rings was known as fairy rings which also were the spot where the fairies used to dance. Furthermore, it was only possible to see fairies with human eyes if you enter the fairy ring, and once you do and you eat any food offered by the fairies, you might never be able to come out of the rings.

Giving or receiving plants:

So, we all have been giving and receiving plants from our loved ones on various occasions and sometimes, we get them for no reason. However, you should never thank the person when you receive the plants from. Sound ride right? However, it was believed by the gardeners that when you thank a person when you receive the plant will not grow. So, when you get online plant delivery of a beautiful flower, do not thank them for doing so.

Grow potatoes on Good Friday:

Yes, you read it right. Gardeners advice planting potatoes on Good Friday. Potatoes were originally introduced in England in the sixteenth century. Since the food is grown underground, it was regarded as the devil’s food. 

So, these were some basic operations around the gardens that you should not ignore.