5 Fascinating Mythological Tales Associated with Raksha Bandhan

5 Fascinating Mythological Tales Associated with Raksha Bandhan
5 Fascinating Mythological Tales Associated with Raksha Bandhan

In 2020, Raksha Bandhan is being celebrated on the 3rd of August. We all have been cherishing this festival for decades with a lot of joy and pleasure. It is an auspicious day to mark the bond between a brother and sister. The girls tie rakhis on their brother’s wrist, and in return, their dearest brothers take a pledge to save them from every problem. With every year passed, brothers have now started sending the best rakhi gifts online to their sisters and vice versa. 

With a lot of joy and pleasure, we all make it a point that we commemorate this festival in the best possible way. But some mythology enthusiasts love reading and knowing more about how all of this began. This is why it is always a perfect idea to give an exciting book or related item to them to learn about this festival.

But before that, I will surely give you some hints about the mythological tales associated with this auspicious festival. So, let us now dive deeper into these exciting tales.

Emperor Humayun and Rani Karnavati

After the death of King Rana Sanga, Rani Karnavati became the regent of Mewar. She wrote a letter to Emperor Humayun asking for help when Bahadur Shah attacked Mewar. Along with the letter, she had sent a rakhi to him as a promise of seeking protection. Even though he could not reach on time, yet he managed to restore the kingdom to her son Vikramjit.

Draupadi and Krishna

We all are very well aware of Mahabharata’s stories, and it has one of the most famous rakhi stories. When Krishna mistakenly cuts his finger during a war, Draupadi runs to him and bandages it with her saree. In return to this, Krishna protected her wherever she was in the problem.

King Porus and Roxanna

According to a very famous story, Roxanna, King Alexander’s wife, sent a holy thread to King Porus. She asked him not to hurt her husband when they are on the battlefield. Like a good man, Porus accepted this request and refused to harm Alexander. Eventually, he lost the battle that took place near the Hydaspes River.

King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi

Once upon a time, Goddess Lakshmi came to King Bali for help in the form of a shelter less woman. He welcomed her inside the palace without thinking about it twice. Pleased with this, the goddess brought loads of prosperity and well-being to his family. Lakshmi then tied a cotton thread on his hand and asked him to protect her. Bali asked her what she wanted, and she pointed towards the gatekeeper who was protecting him. The sentry was Vishnu, and then King Bali requested him to return home. 

Santoshi Maa

According to a prevalent tale, it is said that once Lord Ganesha’sGanesha’s sister visited him to tie rakhi. On seeing this, both his sons Shubha and Labha also wanted to have sisters. After this, Ganesha created Santoshi Maa with divine flames that came out from Riddhi and Siddhi.

So, nerds, these were some very interesting tales associated with this sacred festival of siblinghood. I know this is too little for the enthusiasts, but you and your sibling can surely learn more about this. Along with the rakhi online delivery, you can ensure that a similar rakhi gift is also delivered to your dearest sibling. 


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