5 Movies That Beautifully Unfold The Relationship Between Siblings
5 Movies That Beautifully Unfold The Relationship Between Siblings

Siblings love! A love that is rich in mixed emotions. It has the flavor of love, protectiveness, jealousy, resentment, and many other emotions. It is not easy to understand this love-hate relationship. However, many filmmakers have tried their hands to explore more and carry out the different colors of this relationship between siblings. This one relationship has attracted the attention of many filmmakers and many filmmakers have come up with many movies revolving around the relationship between siblings. There are some classic movies that beautifully depict the relationship between siblings. The selfless love to annoy someone to their soul, the movies give us a real-life experience. Since Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and if you are brimming up with emotions and love for your siblings, get them the best gifts for rakhi and make them feel loved. Also, here is a list of movies that you can watch together with your siblings and make rakhi a lot more special. 

  • The virgin suicides:

This movie is based on a novel with the same name. This movie revolves around 5 blonde sisters. The lives of the 5 girls which has been made difficult by the strict parents of the sisters. The film when progressed depicts the involvement of brothers in their lives who reside in their neighborhood. However, their seclusion from the world is increased as the movie progresses. 

  • The dreamers:

This movie is based on the novel “the holy innocents” authored by Gilbert Adair. Based upon the 1968 Paris student riots, this movie is about twin siblings and their common friend. The movie tells the transgressive sex among youth.

  • Grave of the fireflies:

This movie is a war drama film. The story is all about the agony of two orphan children after their village was firebombed during the second world war. The story further reflects the desperate attempts made by the siblings to keep themselves alive. When left with a distant aunt who tortures them for being a burden on her, the siblings were isolated from the world and had each other by their sides throughout. The elder brother took the responsibility to deal with his own emotions of losing their parents to horrors of the wars to taking care of her younger sister’s health and kept her away from the torturous ordeal. The movie is very overwhelming yet you would watch it with a heavy heart. This movie will surely stir up your emotions and feelings for your sibling.

  • Hannah and her sisters:

This movie is all about the intertwined life stories of an extended family. Here Hannah gives a Thanksgiving party to her family where her husband gets attracted to one of Hannah’s sisters. The movie proceeds with the illicit relationship between Hannah’s sister and her husband. Likewise, the life stories of other sisters followed by betrayal, lie, and love, this movie is characterized as one of the finest movies of all time.

  • Pather Panchali:

This film is the debut film of the worldwide famous Satyajit Ray. The movie is all about two siblings who live in a village of Bengal with their parents along with a crooked aunt. Their lives in the grip of poverty is perfectly explained in the movie. The hate-love relationship in the movie between the siblings is a great reality check given to the audience. However, from their fights to their love, the movie is all about the love and tender care sibling’s for each other without even telling it. This movie has been one of the most acclaimed works in Indian cinema. 

So, these 5 movies will make every sibling brimmed with the emotions of love and care and would even make the relationship form a stronger bond. Send rakhi to your sibling if you happen to reside in different cities because expressing love becomes easy with such gestures.