Promise day- 4th day of valentine week which is most important and special day for couples.In this day every couple are promising each other that they will stay together and never hurt them. Promises are very important in any relationship,promise can make your bond even more stronger than earlier. Don’t just make promises try to keep them.


1.Promise them that you will never leave them

This promise means that no matter what happen in between you both but you will ever leave each other at any cost.


2.Promise them that you will always be with them

This promise means that whatever the situation is you will always make them happy.

3.Promise them that you will be honest and loyal to them.

This promise means that you will never lie to them  and always be honest to them. This is very important in an relationship that you both share everything with each other and will not hide anything from each other.

4.Promise them that you will love them more and more

This promise means that you will not loving them and your love will increase day by day.

5.Promise them that you will respect each other

This promise is very important in a relationship,if you both respect each other then your bond will increase.Respect each other’s parents also because after all they are also important.

These are the few promise which is very important to be kept  in every relation. Although there are many promises to make and to be maintained also with all the dedication. Make this promise day more special with gifting her some interesting gifts to surprise her. Just like gift her beautiful bouquet of roses and chocolates.


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