5 Gifts to order this Independence day for that sense of patriotism

5 Gifts to order this Independence day for that sense of patriotism
5 Gifts to order this Independence day for that sense of patriotism

On August 15th each year, we celebrate our Independence day. To witness the sun of Independent India, countless freedom fighters gave their lives fighting for the country. Every Indian is reminded of this day, of the start of a new era of freedom from more than 200 years of British colonial rule. The President of India addresses the country on the eve of Independence Day. Indian flag is raised, and the Prime Minister delivers a speech at the Red Fort in Old Delhi. Several cultural events, as well as the ceremonial hoisting of the flag, are held around the Country with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm.

Most individuals choose to spend this day with their friends and family. They dine out, see movies, and enjoy themselves at amusement parks. Giving presents has developed into a significant holiday custom that helps people enjoy this day joyfully. Here are some good Independence day gift suggestions that will warm your loved ones’ hearts.

Independence Day Theme Cake 

The colors that flash across our eyes whenever we think about the Independence day are- Saffron, White, and Green. Independence day is a collection of innumerable sacrifices, tears of pain and happiness, and loss of losing your sons, brothers, and daughters only to breathe in free air and to be called Indians on Indian soil. This calls for a celebration. Celebrate this Independence day with a tricolored cake. Independence day is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm across our Country. People hoist flag on their terrace, meet each other, our grandparents tell us about the sacrifices made by our heroes, and nowadays, we also exchange Independence day gifts. Call all your friends, cut an Independence day themed cake, and try to become a responsible citizen of India by taking up a good initiative like planting trees across your area and around. 

Independence Day Theme Personalized Cups 

Give your loved ones a chic coffee cup with the Indian tricolor flag printed on it to celebrate Independence Day. A personalized mug will undoubtedly instill a sense of patriotism in them and inspire them to do something wonderful for this Country and its people. After a long day at work, they can use this mug for their morning coffee and their evening drink. Drinking coffee or tea from a mug that has the Indian flag imprinted on it is a great experience that will make you and your loved ones feel really patriotic. You can even get it customized with their name initials with a tricolor band. As a result, getting your loved ones a personalized cup for them for Independence Day is a great idea!

Customized Pillows with your Country’s National Flag 

Home interiors unquestionably reflect a person’s perspective on life. On Independence Day, it’s a lovely and nice gesture to decorate our house with pillows featuring portraits of independence heroes. Tricolored pillows genuinely represent your love for the country and your appreciation for the freedom fighters’ efforts. Sending your loved ones a pillow with a national emblem, like the Indian flag, the national anthem verses, or a phrase from Vande Mataram, is a thoughtful way to mark Independence Day celebrations. A tricolored cushion or a pillow with a good patriotic caption can be a perfect Independence day gift idea. Your loved ones will be reminded of India’s wonderful qualities by this. A pillow could also be utilized as home décor. So, to meet your loved ones on Independence Day, a customized cushion would be one of the nicest gifts! 

Plants to Ensure your Country has a lot of Fresh Air

Plants are an all-time favorite gifting options. They not only add their green effect but are also loaded with innumerable benefits. Green plants symbolize the thriving Indian subcontinent and are a sign of the health and happiness of your loved ones. The Indian warriors deserve all the glory for turning India become a Nation. Green plants which can be easily kept indoors or outdoor have nowadays become a necessity. With the increasing population and as well as pollution, it has become a must to be surrounded by green plants in order to stay healthy. Thus this Independence day gift your loved ones green plants- which can be either indoor or outdoor.  

Green plants keep our surroundings clean and remove all the toxins from the air. Gift green plants and make sure you plant green plants too in and around your place for the upcoming generation to breathe freely in the fresh air. Plants can be the best gift to ensure that we breathe in a fresh and toxin-free environment. Green plants are the best Independence day gifts as they also signify life and hope. 

 Customized T-shirts

Your personality and style of thinking are embodied in your clothing. Customized T-shirts are an all-time favorite gift option. They bring a bright smile to the recipient’s face. A white t-shirt with a tricolor band is very much in trend, and it is almost considered a national dress on Independence day. Boys and girls go out wearing t-shirts customized with a tricolor. Give your loved ones a t-shirt with the faces of the independence warriors, the Indian flag, or a well-known quotation from a Indian hero on this Independence Day to fully immerse them in the patriotic celebrations. Surprise your dear friends with a personalized t-shirt with a slogan like- ‘Inqulaab Zindabaad.’

 Although many of you must be amused by the items on the list of Independence Day gifts, they will undoubtedly deepen your relationships. Life is showing our loved ones our gratitude and affection whenever we can. We all expect gifts from our loved ones on festivities like Diwali, Lohri, Holi, or Christmas, but giving them these tempting presents on Independence Day would knock them off their feet. This Independence day, take up small initiatives to make your Country a better place for everyone. Call all your friends and discuss ideas like- setting up a small shelter for stray dogs and cats, visiting old-age homes, pitch in some money every month for a social cause. Let’s come together and build a better India.