5 Flowers To Grow This Monsoon Season

5 Flowers To Grow This Monsoon Season

Monsoon season is here!  The long-awaited monsoon season has arrived, bringing reprieve from the sweltering Indian summers. However, it is our favorite because the rainy season is when nature is at its most beautiful. It is frequently claimed that the Indian monsoon tends to awaken nature from a deep slumber. This is so because it transforms the desert into a green, picturesque landscape. During this season, the majority of valleys become homes to various species of wildflowers in distinctive designs and colors; and the rain forests become dense with various species of flora and fauna. The Indian monsoon offers one of the world’s most naturally gorgeous landscapes, with rivers in full flow, lush green trees, and pretty flowers blooming everywhere.

The magnificent flowers that give the lush, green greenery around you a colorful hue are undoubtedly the nicest and most delightful sight during the pleasant monsoon. You should plant some of the brightest and most beautiful blossoms in your yard immediately. Even if your garden can be enhanced by a wide variety of shrubs and plants, we present the top five monsoon flowers for this season.


This deciduous shrub produces large trumpet-shaped, vibrant flowers with dark green leaves. Hibiscus is a simple plant that may be grown as a single plant or hedge plant. It blooms profusely during the rainy season. These flowers, which come in various hues, including red, peach, and yellow, tend to draw a lot of butterflies and hummingbirds, which are sure to give a magnificent beauty to your garden.


Mogra sometimes referred to as the jasmine flower plant, is a perennial flowering plant with a lovely scent used to make essential oils. In Indian cultural customs, mogra is highly significant and stands for contented ties to one’s family and friends. The monsoon season is ideal for this plant’s growth. It has a special significance and symbolism and has a wonderful visual appeal when paired with other non-flowering plants.


Planting Gulmohar near your home would enhance the area. Due to its flame-colored blossoms, the royal poinciana tree, sometimes a flaming or colorful tree, is a native of Madagascar. Order flowers online and plant these beautiful blossoms this monsoon season. 


Another simple plant to grow is the marigold. Typically, this plant blooms more in the summer. However, the fact that these may be planted in the monsoon is wonderful. You would be aware of how it spreads. At the base of each petal are seeds. Simply taking a wilted flower and scattering the petals on soil would produce plants in a matter of days. These also bloom during rainy seasons, though not as profusely as in the summer. The entire plant is so gorgeous when it is in bloom. 

Monsoon Cassia 

This plant is widespread and among the most attractive to grow during the monsoon season. During the monsoon, their yellow blossoms stand out beautifully against their green leaves. The leaves of this plant can be utilized as a garnish in addition to just being aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, this plant’s seeds can be fed to calves as feed. Since it only requires adequate sunlight and oxygen to survive, the plant is rather simple to cultivate.

During the wet seasons, these are some of the most popular flowers that bloom exceptionally well. If you don’t want to purchase flowers online, growing them and putting them in a vase or other container you already have at home will certainly brighten the area where you choose to display them.