5 Artistic Ways to Present Roses To Someone
5 Artistic Ways to Present Roses To Someone

Are you giving your girlfriend or wife roses? Roses are literally the queen of flowers! All of us love their beauty and admire it. They give a powerful love message, have a heavenly fragrance, and possess stunning tones. Their beauty is further amplified by the meanings that people have attached to these lovely blooms. While it can be the first love memory, a significant date, one’s wedding, or even the heartbreak of romance for others.

Since roses are synonymous with love, if you are in search of creative ideas to honor someone with this flower’s beauty and everything it symbolizes; we have awesome inspiration for you. Find a list of five creative ways to present a rose to your partner on the upcoming occasion or just because.  

A Rose Box

The beautiful roses arranged in a cardboard box is a very innovative, simple, and sustainable way of gifting roses this season. Fear not and go ahead to bundle up the package with some beautiful printed papers, some lace, ornamentation, or simply with chalk paint and a love message written on the package with metallic ink to make the arrangement appear more appealing.

Add Words To The Bouquet

Finish your gift of roses with a set of online flowers interspersed with love notes. Take a handful of flower shop postcards and write a collection of lyrics, a list of stuff you like about your girlfriend or wife, the cherished memories you two have shared, or your prospective wishes. Seal the mini envelope with each card and slip it into the bouquet. Your messages will cascade around her as she unfolds the roses, filling her with your affection.

Origami Roses

The origami rose is the ideal middle ground if you want to try thinking outside of the box and like the concept of getting fingers-on with a project. They can look absolutely incredible if done well and made with care. You can produce endless paper roses that make for an amazingly thoughtful DIY gift with just a few simple materials that are all easy to come by and some skillful craftsmanship. They fit well to finish off a gift box as well!

Pressed In A Special Book

Are you a lover of all literary things? Do you love spending hours trawling through the shelves of used bookstores with your partner? Have you just got a book that always makes you both laugh? In a book that holds value to you both, we love the thought of choosing to send roses that have been pressed. For years to come, pressing flowers is a perfect way to cherish them. Plus, pressed roses ensure that, once they have dried out, your flowers will look perfect for the coming years. We recommend picking a book that is on the heavier side for the best results and writing a special note on the inside front cover to your loved one.

Rose Petal Pendant

The rose petal pendant, made from miniature rose petals, is an expression of love that’s frozen in time. Every time she carries her precious pendant, your darling will be reassured of the love that you share. Choose from a selection of red, pink, purple, blue, or white, including vibrant glazed rose petals.

The quintessential flower of romance is the classic rose. While it is definitely a romantic gift all on its own to receive a bouquet of red roses, when you go way different from using rose petals it would surely make your bae drop head over heels for you!