10 Amazingly Fragrant Flowers To Grow In Your Garden!!!!

10 Amazingly Fragrant Flowers To Grow In Your Garden!!!!
10 Amazingly Fragrant Flowers To Grow In Your Garden!!!!

Flowers and fragrances are as inseparable as a sea and its shore. We can’t even think of a single individual on Earth who would not want to surround himself/ herself with a naturally fragrant environment. Flowers tend to be arguably the most aromatic thing that is existent today. There are five basic senses that the human body is bestowed with, and smell is one such dominant sense so much so that a person can immediately recollect something or someone with a particular smell. So flowers may end up reminding you of your old and loving memories.

Fragrant flowers curate various heavenly smelling perfumes, the most common ones being rose, jasmine, lilies, etc. Flowers with an amazing fragrance do make one of the best gifts possible for that special someone in your life. So guys, make sure you do not miss on giving your bae a lovely fragrant bouquet to start their day off with. You can also order flowers online to have a hassle-free delivery of the flowers with unique fragrances at your doorstep. Below is a list of the flowers with the most exotic fragrances that can be in your garden. Read on to find out more:


There is nothing about a rose that does not make it special amongst all the flowers known to mankind. Everything about a rose is majestic, from the petals to the delicate yet firm stem and even the thorns; everything about a rose is majestic. Apart from being immensely beautiful, roses have an amazing fragrance that tends to light up one’s mood in an instant. Various roses are available, the most common being that of red, yellow, white, pink, and black. Even a single rose is potent enough to scent an entire room. Almost every Indian household have roses planted in their garden for their heavenly fragrance. Do not miss on to send flowers online and surprise your friends and family with the most amazingly fragrant varieties of roses.


Jasmine is one of the most fragrant flowers available in the market. Its refreshing smell makes scented perfumes. Most people have jasmine planted right outside their bedroom windows to benefit from its wind-driven fragrance into the room as a scent that jasmine carries is to help them have a good sleep. The Indian women also adorn the small white flowers on to their hair owing to their lovely and attractive smell. The most common jasmine species available in India are ChameliMogra, etc.


The other name of this flower is “Rajnigandha”. Tuberose is an annual plant in the Indian backyards for its amazing smell. The plant of tuberose can grow in a pot near your window. It is to produce tiny white flowers that spread one of the most refreshing smells. Do not forget to order flowers online if you are planning to decorate your balcony for that special date night.


It is more commonly known as Parijat in India. These tiny white flowers with an orange stalk are among the most exotic flowers when it comes to fragrance. The plant is a night-blooming shrub that has its unique place in the ancient Indian scriptures as well. These flowers usually bloom at night and form a carpet by spreading all over the ground, imparting a lovely aroma.


Also known as Raatkiraani, Cestrum is one such flower; every Indian garden is incomplete. Cestrum, just like Parijat, is a flower that blooms in the night. The plant Cestrum flowers throughout the year and is usually grown in pots.


Kewda, most commonly known as Ketaki, is usually grown in swampy areas and is known for its delightful fragrance, even after the flowers dry. They mainly contribute to the Indigenous perfume industry, provided they smell so heavenly.


India is home to Champa, the conventional fragrant flower that you can spot in every nook and corner in each garden. Apart from being extremely fragrant, the Champa flowers are exclusively used in ornamentation. The most common varieties available are plumeria, magnolia, etc.

Sweet pea

Sweet Pea is a climber that is tender and flowers annually. They are known to have an intensely wonderful smell that freshens up the surroundings where they grow.


It is also known as Cape jasmine; these evergreen shrubs are the most commonly grown houseplants you will see around. They adorn characteristic huge white flowers with a smell that is exclusive to gardenia.


Alyssum is a sweet-smelling flowering plant grown in the pot using the seeds available in the market. Unlike other delicate plants, they require proper sunlight to bloom.

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