10 Adorable Cakes For a Memorable Baby Shower 

10 Adorable Cakes For a Memorable Baby Shower

I Love baby showers!! I believe baby showers are ideally perfect to welcome a new life on earth with great pomp and show. Well, those who are not aware of what this baby shower is, let me help you with that. A baby shower is a way of celebrating an unborn life, where friends, family, and relatives of the soon-to-be parents, surprise them with a surprise party, gifts, good wishes and most importantly, “delicious food and adorable cakes.” Order cake online for someone who is going to enter into their parenthood phase. It is an event of sheer happiness as the gender of the child is revealed. Although in India, we celebrate this event without revealing the gender since sex identification is prohibited here, whereas, in many countries, this event is quite normal and celebrated. 

Generally, there are two ways of celebrating this event: 

  • Only either of the parents is aware of the gender of the unborn, and surprises the other one and all the guests present in the party by revealing it by using blue color if it is a boy and pink, for a girl. 
  • Most of the times, the family and close friends of the expected parents take the responsibility to reveal the gender of the child to soon-to-be-parents and the guests present at the party. 

So, basically, this fun element keeps the curiosity and excitement of the event intact. Also, this event means so much to expected parents. Naturally, they would want this day to be super special. Thus, the highlight of the event is bagged by the baby shower cake. Yes, a beautiful cake for the baby shower has immense gain in popularity over the years. People want to dedicate their unborn with the best cake. Also, a few guests present at the party are really really interested in the cake. So, here are a few cakes that are just perfect for your needs: 

Nursery Rhymes Cake: Well, this cake is a gender neutral cake. Some people often do not prefer disclosing the gender of the unborn (since gender identification is not legal in many countries, including India). The nursery cake will be accompanied by all the nursery characters or cartoons. Do you also find cartoon cakes so distracting? 

Citrus Cake: This healthy cake is made of ingredients rich in citrus acid. The famous citrus cakes usually contain orange, lemon, etc. It can be easily piped on because of its frosting which makes it a good option for a baby shower cake. 

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake: Cheesecakes are love, aren’t they? Moreover, the combination of chocolate and raspberry is just made in heaven. Additionally, the white whipped cream makes it the showstopper of any event. All the guests present at the party are surely going to ask you the address of the baker from where you ordered the cake. So, make sure you order the cake from a reputed and trusted baker. Why go out and waste your time and energy? You can order cake online sitting back at home.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Overload Cake: This delicacy tastes best when served cold. Chocolate ganache, nutty delish, frosting, and the crumbles Reese, altogether make people go drooling over it. This is the cake which rules the other cakes as well. 

Hummingbird Cake: One of the best cakes to order at the baby shower event. This cake is quite famous in the Southern United States. Perfectly composed of vegetable oil, sugar, salt, cinnamon, ripe banana, pineapple, pecans, eggs, and vanilla extract. 

Surprise Gender Reveal Cake: Well, these cakes are the best and perfect choice of cakes that we should consider while preparing for the lady. Make sure to out the edible color on the cake. Cut the cake, the pink or blue color will help the guests and family members to check their flukes.

Onesie Cake: Well, the ideal cake for the unborn is here. This cake is onesie in shape and size. This will make everyone smile. This cake is a simple and sweet cake that you can also bake at home by simply following the recipe.

Cowgirl/Cowboy Horse Cake: A fondant cake with a horse-shaped candy at the top would be perfect for your baby shower party. It is a cool theme, and also the fondant cakes never fail to make people happy as the icing done using buttercream melts in the mouth wonderfully. In addition, you can add more horse shaped cookies and make it more yee-haw. 

Baby Sprinkle Cake: A baby shower event looks empty without sprinkles. Am I right or am I right? Obviously, sprinkles look good on everything. A sprinkled baby shower cake is just the right choice to make the party more colorful and exciting. 

Blueberry Lavender Ombre Cake: This beauty is composed of chocolate ganache, white chocolate cake base, a significant ombre facade (choose your favorite flavor for this), and Lavander. It will get impossible to resist this cake when added edible pearls on it.

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