07 Assured Signs That Prove You Are Totally Smitten

Being in life is an amazing feeling, right? However, not being able to recognise whether it is love or not, is an absurd feeling. I know you don’t want to take risks in any case and want to be very sure of your feelings first, that is why you have landed on this article. Hop into the article and get assured of your feelings for them and order gifts online for a quick celebration. 

  • You are so smitten by them if they happen to be your first thought in the morning and the last thought as well before you take off to bed. It is nothing that you purposely do, instead, they rather happen to be your first thought when you wake up. 
  • The Butterflies- It is time to realise that you are smitten by someone special when you think you have a digestion problem, but it is just the butterflies that you feel. I have never felt anything but hunger strikes in my belly all my life but if it is any other thing that I am able to feel it is either butterflies or the indigestion. 
  • The Lost Appetite- So, if you are really confused as if you have fallen for someone or not, do check your appetite for once. Yes, when you are falling for someone, you happen to lose your appetite and generally speaking, losing your appetite never happens, right? So, it is one hell of a green flag that you have been struck by a cupid for sure.
  • Shining Eyes When You Talk About Him/Her- When you happen to be struck by someone, everytime you talk about them, your eyes will definitely brighten up and shine like a star. Moreover, you would not be able to keep your calm when you talk about that person.
  • Unrealistic Scenarios Game Become Strong- When it is the initial phase, when you are just crushing over the person or you have fallen for them, one of the biggest signs that will clear your doubts is making a hundreds of scenarios in your head with them. Believe me, even having an image of you two together in your head, will make you go all crazy and the happiest.
  • That Extra Effort To Make Them The Happiest- So, you know yourself quite well all these years now, would you do anything extra for yourself? No, right? You are that kind of procrastinator. However, just to make them happy on a day that is quite significant for them, you would be ready to move the mountains and oceans but in a subtle way. From getting online gift delivery or to taking them out on a place that is close to their heart, is a bold sign that you are so into them. 
  • Are You Always Conscious Around Them? Nothing makes you more nervous than the presence of someone special around you, right? If you happen to get more cautious and attention when they are around you, believe me, it is the special connection you feel for them.

So, if you happen to have the experience of these facts, my friend you are so smitten by that person. It could be a strong affection for them, or you might be having some serious feelings for them.