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Winni - India’s No. 1 Brand for Online Delivery of Cakes, Flowers, And Gifts

Winni is India’s leading platform that helps you celebrate relations by sending birthday cake, flowers, chocolates, plants, gifts, as well as personalized gifts online. We operate irrespective of geographical barriers to mark your special days like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Christmas, and Rakhi in style. You can send your love and wishes to your dear ones miles away as we stand as a shining light for celebrations and heartfelt gestures.

Our strong online and offline presence along with our trusted delivery partners has made our service reach over 20,000 pin codes across 700 cities in India. So far, our exclusive range of goodies and online cake delivery services have satisfied over 20 million customers worldwide.

Pick ‘n’ Mix From Extensive Variety

If you want to add a touch of sweetness to your celebrations, our precisely curated selection of cakes, blossoms, and gifts caters to every occasion and emotion. In addition, we are a great partner to remark on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Children’s Day.

Cakes - To Celebrate Moments

The party isn’t complete if everyone hasn’t stuffed their face with frosting. Cakes are slices of happiness that have the power to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Also, the world of cakes offers a delightful journey to be explored. Here’s what we dug out for you.

Cakes By Type

The Winni bakehouse has all types of cake to make it the best centerpiece of your celebration. From personalized Photo Cakes to surprise-filled Pinata Cakes, we have got it all. The Heart-Shaped Cakes are perfect for romantic celebrations, while Bomb Cakes bring an explosion of joy and laughter. To give you an overview, other than photo cake, pinata cake, heart-shaped cake, and bomb cake, we have fondant cakes, kids cakes, premium cakes, eggless cakes, and pastries to satisfy your cravings.

Cakes By Flavor

We boast all cake flavors, ensuring a delectable choice for every dessert lover and taste to suit every celebration. To elevate your moments of joy, you can choose from timeless chocolate, delightful pineapple, rich butterscotch, classic vanilla, sweet & tangy strawberry, explosive fruits, truffle indulgence, luxurious Red Velvet, traditional Rasmalai, ever-popular Black Forest, and many other options. These heavenly treats will be the beginning of your ever-lasting memories.

Cakes By Theme

The bakers at Winni have professionally crafted a wide assortment of theme cakes to turn your special moments into extraordinary memories. To name a few, our collection includes Superhero Cakes, Unicorn Cakes, Car Cakes, Number Cakes, Alphabet Cakes, Cartoon Cakes, Barbie Doll Cakes, as well as wedding cakes, and tier cakes. You can choose any theme that reflects your style and preferences. This will make your special day a feast for the eyes and a treat for the buds.

Cakes By Occasion

Still looking for a birthday cake near me? Don’t! Because our delectable cakes are crafted to suit every occasion. Where every slice tells a story, our centerpiece will be the magic. Whether it's for a Birthday celebration, an Anniversary, a dreamy Wedding, a romantic Valentine's Day, a cherished Rakhi festival, a New Year's toast, or to embrace Christmas, we have the perfect cake to elevate all of your occasions and festivities.

Flowers: To Blossom Love

Where words touch hearts, flowers reach souls. With their extraordinary ability to convey emotions, the vibrant colors make every moment enchanting especially rose delivery on valentine's day has the ability to change feelings and create new relations and memories. Just like our relations, they are fragile and beautiful, symbolizing love, elegance, and simplicity. Besides, they represent that relations require the same care as a delicate flower.

Flowers By Type

The florist at Winni has a diverse and exquisite blooming selection catering to every preference and occasion. Whether you're expressing love, conveying sympathy, celebrating milestones, or simply brightening someone's day, our flowers can speak the language of your heart. You can create meaningful moments with elegant roses,  graceful Lilies, exotic Orchids, vibrant Gerberas, or the classic Carnations.

Flowers By Occasion

It’s imperative to give the right flowers on every occasion. Impressively our array of blooms makes it easy to convey your sentiments, whatever the occasion might be. It could be a celebration like a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or simply to express your feelings of love and affection, sympathy, gratitude, congratulations, or well wishes. Our range of floral arrangements ensures that your message is conveyed with timeless beauty.

Flowers By Collection

You can discover the exotic allure of our Exotic Flowers to create an unforgettable impression. Also, the delightful combination of our flower baskets and flower boxes showcases your wishes aesthetically. To win hearts at a single glance, our premium selection of flowers and flower bouquets will provide a luxurious heartwarming experience for both the sender and the recipient.

Flowers By Color

Every color of flowers speaks its language of emotions. Therefore, we have crafted a colorful selection that speaks volumes. We have passionate red that signifies love, pink that represents affection, white that symbolizes grace & purity, yellow for a bright life, and the enchanting purple speaking for royalty and success. Whereas, the mixed bouquet blends all colors, expressing a multitude of emotions in one vibrant arrangement. 

Gifts: Something To Remember You By

Everyone loves gifts, and of course, the person who gives gifts. They strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. Whether wrapped in colorful paper for a special occasion or shared as a spontaneous gesture, they represent your kind thoughts. To give gifts is to give smiles that can convey sentiments that words often cannot express.

Gifts By Type

Besides flowers and cake, Winni also offers a diverse array of gifts that cater to every taste and occasion. To begin with, you can order from a range of Personalized Gifts, Digital Gifts, Home Decor items, Personal Essentials, Photo Frames, Perfumes, Jewelry, Handbags, Caricatures, Soft Toys, and a lot more. With our endless options, you can easily find the perfect token of affection.

Gifts By Occasion

If you are confused about what to gift your loved ones, Winni has a solution. Now, you can browse amazing presents for every imaginable occasion. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, wedding days, Valentine's Day, Rakhi, New Year, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day, women's day or any other special moment, we have the perfect collection of gifts. With our selection, you can easily find the ideal, unique, and meaningful gifts.

Gifts By Recipient

It’s a well-known fact that finding a gift for a man is comparatively tougher than looking for a present for a woman. But here at Winni, you can find gifts suitable for all types of recipients, regardless of gender. Our friendly collection caters to everyone's preferences and tastes. You can choose anything ranging from personalized gifts to trendy and practical items.

Corporate Gifts

Apart from catering to individual gifting needs, Winni also understands the importance of corporate gifting. You can order corporate gifts in bulk for various special occasions. It could be a Diwali gift, a performance appreciation bonus, or simply a gesture of reinforcement for your valued team members. You can choose from a wide section that reflects your brand and appreciation for your employees or clients. This will keep the members actively engaged and foster stronger professional relationships.

Chocolates: The Edible Luxury

In the chocolatey world of WInni, you can find a delightful variety of chocolate options to satisfy every craving and occasion. You can taste the exclusive sweetness of White Chocolate, the richness of Dark Chocolate, the crunch of Fruit 'n' Nut Chocolate, and much more at Winni. Moreover, to experience the allure of a sweet personal touch, get your hands on the Winni exclusive Chocolates. They are crafted with the richest flavors and purest love from the best Chocolatiers.

Additionally, our artfully arranged Chocolate Bouquets are a perfect presentation of a gift. They create a visual impression of your wishes. Adding an extra layer of fun, explore our captivating shapes and forms of chocolates like egg-shaped chocolates, bunny bunny-shaped chocolates, heart-shaped chocolates, and star-shaped chocolates. If you are a Weight Watcher, you can also indulge in our collection of sugar-free chocolate. In any form, the chocolates at Winni ensure that every bite becomes a moment of pure indulgence

Plants: To Seed Your Relationship

Besides being guardians of the environment, plants can guard relationships too. To give a plant is like giving a living reminder of your affection, care, and warm wishes for growth and prosperity. Additionally, you’re not just giving them a present, you’re providing them with pure oxygen, fresh air, prosperity, and positive vibes.  Beyond their aesthetic charm, each leaf and petal fosters a sustainable future for the environment and relations.

Plants By Type

Besides celebrating relations, Winni also honors nature. That’s why we have a diverse range of plants to suit every household & garden need. You can get indoor plants to bring a touch of nature to your living spaces or Outdoor Plants to enhance your garden's aesthetics. Other than this, the Flowering Plants can add charming and positive vibes to your surroundings. While Air Purifying Plants can bring a healthier indoor environment. Also, if you are not a plant enthusiast or want low-maintenance greenery, we also have Succulent Plants on board.

Plants By Occasion

Winni believes that the gift of green and nature lasts forever. So, we have a gift that’ll nurture both your relationships and the environment. You can send blooming plants on birthdays, air-purifying plants for housewarming, indoor plants for anniversaries, outdoor plants for good luck, or succulent plants for Christmas. With any nature gift, you’re spreading love, positivity, and eco-friendliness

Plants By Placement

We know plants bring prosperity, wealth, and good luck if they’re placed as per the vastu principles. That’s why we offer a selection of plants that will bring the charm with them. You can strategically place these plants in your living room, bedroom, tabletop, terrace, and balcony, to enhance the flow of positive energy. With these auspicious plants, the household will foster stronger relationships, stay away from financial issues, and bring well-being to its surroundings.

Gift Hampers and Combos For A Wholesome Celebration

Cake And Chocolates

Our carefully and beautifully arranged combo of delectable cakes and indulgent chocolates is perfect for sweet celebrations. They ensure a  memorable taste experience for your special occasions. You can treat yourself or your loved ones with an extra layer of sweetness and joy adding to the festivities.

Cake And Teddy Bears

Another sweet and delightful combo features a scrumptious combo and adorable teddy bears. This will add a little more warmth and affection to your celebrations. It can perfectly express your care, love, and affection for your special ones. Not to forget, this charming combination of sweetness and cuddles can bring out bright smiles.

Cake And Flowers

The enchanting creation of scrumptious cake and vibrant flowers perfectly complement each other on special occasions. This present signifies sweetness and elegance, creating a heartwarming environment. To convey your warmest wishes gracefully, explore our section and make the day remarkable.

Flowers And Chocolates

Our exquisite combo of fresh flowers and luxurious chocolates will make you experience the perfect balance of nature and sweetness. The carefully handpicked flowers and a variety of rich chocolates are ideal for expressing love, and gratitude, and celebrating a special occasion.

Flowers And Teddy Bears

The multiple emotion of affection and care is represented by flowers and teddy bears. That’s why, we have a beautifully arranged combo of adorable teddy bears and a fragrance of exotic flowers. You can brighten someone's day, send get-well-soon wishes, or celebrate love with this affectionate gesture.

All In One

The make the most of your day and occasion, the all-in-one combo encompasses the best of every world. It includes delectable cake, fresh flowers, indulgent chocolates, cuddly teddy bears, and a variety of gift options that you can choose from. This hamper is a thoughtful surprise that ensures your gift leaves an unforgettable impression.

Round-The-Clock Delivery Options 

Winni takes pride in offering its customers round-the-clock delivery options, available every day of the week. Whether it's a weekday, weekend, or even a holiday, we are dedicated to ensuring that your special gifts are delivered to your loved ones at any time that suits your preferences. Even if your dear ones are in different time zones, you can still surprise them with timely gifts. Other than standard delivery, our options include express delivery, midnight delivery, same-day cake delivery, 2-hour delivery, and 30-minute delivery. Here’s what they mean!

30 Minutes Cake Delivery

For the times when celebrations can’t wait, our lightning-fast 30-minute delivery option can fulfill your last-moment wishes. Your flowers, cake, and gifts will be right at your doorstep in just half an hour after order confirmation. In the blink of an eye, we can deliver you joy, swiftly, and reliably.

2-Hour Delivery of Cakes and Gifts and Flowers

We believe in the power of punctuality, and that's why we offer an exceptional 2-Hour Delivery option. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a spontaneous "thinking of you" moment, we can assist you in creating unforgettable moments with our 2-hour delivery guarantee.

Same-Day Delivery from Winni

You can count on us to make every moment special with our reliable same-day delivery service. With your thoughtfulness and our 24-hour delivery option, you can brighten your dear one’s day in just a few minutes. 

Midnight Cake Delivery

We can unlock the magic of midnight moments with the midnight delivery service. Some celebrations such as birthdays or anniversaries are meant to begin precisely at the stroke of midnight. That’s why we can deliver your gifts from 11:00 PM to 11:59 PM under the cover of darkness.

Express Delivery

Express delivery means exceptional speed. You can experience a swift delivery to celebrate moments that can’t wait. This rapid, reliable, and unforgettable service will certainly create an unforgettable gifting experience 

Standard Delivery

To offer you a perfect blend of reliability and affordability, we have a standard delivery option. This makes sure that your gifts reach your loved ones on time, without any unnecessary haste. Our delivery partner will transfer your gift with care and precision in a budget-friendly manner.

Commitment To Celebrate Relations Globally

Winni is your one-stop destination for sending thoughtful gifts, beautiful flowers, delectable cakes, and so much more to your loved ones, no matter where they are in the world. With a global presence, we promise to celebrate relations and ensure timely and hassle-free delivery to over 40 countries. Irrespective of the geographical boundaries, we can bridge the distance and help you create cherished memories with your loved ones.

No matter where your loved ones are scattered across the globe, you can send gifts to the USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Japan, Norway, Germany, Russia, and many other countries. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, or any other meaningful moment, our services allow you to choose the perfect gesture to express your love and appreciation. 

Furthermore, you can also send a picture of a birthday cake with name. As we know the world today, wishing and greeting publicly has become a trend. Besides, it feels good when someone is appreciating your presence in front of the world. To make your loved one feel special, get a virtual birthday cake with name and post the picture on all social media platforms.

Order and Send Rakhi Across India and Abroad Now

Celebrate the bond of Raksha Bandhan by choosing and sending a rakhi from Winni's diverse Rakhi collection especially curated for you. Choose from our wide range of traditional, designer, and customized Rakhis to delight your siblings. Rakhis at Winni have a touch of modernity while keeping the emotional and religious sentiments thats generally associated with Raksha Bandana. Our rakhi selection is known for its beautiful gift hampers with sweets, dry fruits, and chocolates to make the occasion even more special and heartwarming for siblings and family that celebrate rakhi together or maybe while living afar from each other. No matter where your loved ones are - in India or abroad - our reliable online rakhi delivery service ensures your Rakhi and gifts reach them on time. From same-day delivery in India to international shipping options, we've got you covered. Explore our range of Rakhi gifts for both brothers and sisters to add an extra touch of warmth to your celebration. Make this Raksha Bandhan memorable with Winni - order your perfect Rakhi today. If you want to send a rakhi to USA, UK, Canada or any other country make sure to order it in advance to avoid any last minute hassle.

Seamless Browsing Experience via Winni Mobile App & Website

At Winni, we have invested in creating a seamless in-app and web browser experience that ensures effortless ordering. Our user-friendly website and app are designed to cater to your needs even if you're using a lower-model phone or have limited internet connectivity. The platforms are optimized for speed and efficiency, ensuring that you can smoothly explore our extensive collection of cakes, flowers, gifts, and more. 

Winni app for Android and iOS offers incredible discounts, vouchers, and coupons, making it a go-to choice for over 500 thousand users. Our commitment to providing the best at a great price will add extra sweetness to your shopping experience. Moreover, our exclusive frequent discounts and special offers in the Winni app unlock the world of exclusive deals. This ensures that you find the perfect gift or treat for your loved ones without digging deep into your pockets.

Get Your Hands On Winni’s Franchise

With a strong presence of over 350+ retail stores throughout India, Winni offers an established platform for those looking to dive into the bakery industry. You can explore the exciting opportunity to own a Winni franchise to embark on your career in the world of cakes.

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