Trending Rakhi Gifts Ideas 2021 - Gifts To Ask From Your Brother

Here comes August and before you would even know, the festival of rakhi will be here. Now, as per the tradition, if you are a sister who is reading this, you must be looking for rakhis for your brother and your brother must be arranging a rakhi gift for you. 

Well, have you made up your mind about what you want for rakhi delivery in Pune this year? Well, I have a few trending ideas that you should add to your wishlist. So, when your brother asks you (which I’m pretty sure he’s going to) what you want for Raksha Bandhan, you should be prepared with your wishlist that you can immediately hand it over to him. 

Skin cake kit

Skincare has become majorly famous in the past few years especially when the pandemic hit us and we had so much spare time to realise that our skin was asking for attention, I mean for some of us who had been procrastinating skincare ever since. With more people following the basic skincare routine, skincare products have become a huge gift trend. From the leading beauty brands to homegrown brands, everyone has hopped on the board to bring alluring products. So, with this Raksha Bandhan, you can add a skincare kit to your wishlist, in your favourite brand. A kit I’ll have all the essentials that you would need for a daily skincare regime. 

Bluetooth earphones

Everyone owns Bluetooth earphones at this time. Well, shifting to work from home culture pushes people to look out for gadgets that make work from home more convenient. Now, attending hundreds of meeting calls in a day is normal, but it becomes very inconvenient when you are tied to your cell phone or laptop as long as you attend the call. It’s like you are tied to the wall. In this situation, Bluetooth earphones that are completely wireless prove to be more functional. It releases you from any type of chord giving you the freedom to do anything, go anywhere while you still stay connected with your system. So, Bluetooth earphones definitely go down on your list. 

Latest series fitness watch

Talking about gadgets that make life easy, the next rakhi gift idea that you should wishlist is a fitness watch. A fitness watch tracks all your movements, your steps, your pulse, your nutrition intake, and so much more that we really dont pay attention to but is important for wellbeing. Mostly when we are working, we hardly remember to take a walk in intervals. So, a fitness watch is a must nowadays. Ask for the latest series of the watch from your brother, I mean of course if his budget allows. 

Organic perfumes

Yes, you may already own many bottles of perfumes and does but read the gift idea again, it says organic perfume. Well, this is a bit different formulation from the regular ones. Organic perfumes do not contain harmful VOCs that are harmful to the environment. Ordinary perfumes are responsible for air pollution, but that’s not the case with organic perfumes and they smell amazing too. So, wishlist organic perfumes. 

These are a few trending gifts ideas for 2021 you can ask for from your bro.