Plant Gifts To Welcome 2022 With Fresh Vibes

It is a decade-long tradition to welcome the new year with some plant gifts. The tradition is most popular in Asian countries as it is believed some plants bring luck while some bring health. This new year surprise your peeps with some amazing plants to add beauty to their houses and make them happy.

We have made a list of amazing plants that would be amazing to gift and wish someone a Happy New Year 2022. 

Plants for gifting on the New Year 


The orchid plant will add splendor and beauty to any home with its well-defined and delectable flowers and slender green branches. The easy-care tips make it a favorite among people born without green fingers and those who lead a busy lifestyle. As a result, it’s one of the greatest plants to give as a housewarming present.

Peace lily

It is true to its name. This plant, which is abundant in glossy foliage and white spherical-shaped flowers, brings freshness and peace to people. As a result, it is one of the greatest housewarming plants for someone moving into a new home; as a guarantee of happiness and health for the rest of their lives.


Succulents are known for being low-maintenance, resilient, lush, and gorgeous plants. They come in a variety of green tints and textures and will add a bit of green charm to any home, making them the ideal housewarming present.


A cleverly and skillfully cultivated miniature tree promises to raise the home’s opulence level. Bonsai trees are also believed to offer serenity, luck, and harmony in Japanese culture, which is why it is the finest plant gifts to send as a housewarming present.

Bamboo plant

Lucky Because of its high ornamental value, low maintenance requirements, and Feng Shui significance; bamboo plants are usually a popular choice for housewarming gifts. The bamboo plant having three stalks signify riches, happiness, and luck; two stalks symblolise love, and each stalk has a meaning.

Money plant

The green emblem of fortune, the money plant, must be included in any list of wonderful housewarming plants. This rich green plant is popular as a houseplant since it brings wealth into the house.


Palms are well-known as ideal housewarming gifts since they are easy to care for, attractive to look at and come in a variety of colours. Bringing them indoors ensures a tranquil atmosphere, shimmering surrounds, and tropical charm.


Because of its fragrant blossoms and emerald green leaves, this is the finest plant for housewarming gifts. It will transform the home into a living paradise.