Can A Temporary Break Up Make A Relationship Workable?

Can A Temporary Break Up Make A Relationship Workable

Sometimes amid a relationship, there comes a phase where you find yourself on shaky ground with your partner. Misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations, and trivial issues can break even a long term relationship. You have no appetite, you cannot sleep, yet you cannot get out of bed. You tend to lose interest […]

A Guide to Raksha Bandhan 2019 Gift Shopping

Raksha Bandhan is associated with plentiful mythological stories; still, it is celebrated with great spirit across India. It is an exceptional manifestation of the immortal brother-sister bond. Like any other occasion, the celebration style and viewpoint of this occasion also tend to vary with time.  But the essence of the […]

How To Surprise Your Sister On Raksha Bandhan?

ideas to surprise your sister on Raksha Bandhan

Having a sister is God’s greatest blessings. She plays a multitude of roles. From motherly figure to your crime partner, and guiding you all through the life to teasing you the most — life seems almost dull without having them around. How can we imagine a world without sisters? Well, […]